One week to go so off to the Town Dump and see whats happened up there since my last visit.
Looking for 12 sections all with splits and some confidence builders in the mix. First impressions on
arrival, a bit overgrown, things that I looked at some time ago may be too ambitious so time to rethink
the op !

On my walkround today (3 hours) 7 sections identified themselves, one got cut out and taped before dehydration set in. I think the sections I had in mind need to be detuned a little, also need a garden
rake to remove tons of tumbleweeds and clear the ground.

Back out again (Sunday) another two good sections found and two others taped up ready to go. Still
need to find the last 3 which I should be able to remember lower down on the site. As I recall I had
one in a wash, another over some roots and the last one on a big bank, but of course something else
might take my fancy before the red and blue comes out.

Progress seems to be about right with 14 of the two day total taped leaving 10 to do this week. I would
like to have the other 9 done by Wednesday night, leaving route marking for Thursday and the section
under the Bridge for Friday morning.

Need a shovel today to speed up the brush clearance. Better get on with it, ….. two more taped this
morning, really nice sections though I say so myself. Another to lay out this afternoon then maybe add
a few splits to round off the day after removing some branches and a nasty bit on the log crossing.
Last section of the afternoon after a series of lunchtime visitors, another goodie which will be No 12
and is called “Picnicers Delight”. Reason for the name is at the bottom of the section there is a pile of
junked picnic bar-b-q stands which must have been previously located in one of the Town’s parks.
They were set in concrete so come complete with a 3′ x 2′ x 2′ chunk on the bottom a weigh a ton! I had
to move 4 of them to create the 4 line. Each one has a plaque on it ……

Sunday 12

The 4 line on Sunday 12

Tuesday morning August 7 th and I can now earn as much as I like and still get social security having achieved the magic 66 ! John and Hazel arrived last night having had a long drive. Today we are left to
sort out 6 more Sunday sections and Saturday No 2 under the road bridge so timing looks good
without any panic setting in. Carding and route marking to follow and then check and see how much
red tape the rodent has consumed.

Saturday 2 under the bridge

Exit of Saturday 2 with with the barber pole markings 

A great morning at the dump, 4 sections sorted, cleaned and taped ! this afternoon we will lay out and complete Saturday No 2 under the bridge as at least its in the shade then perhaps plate and card
some of the Saturday sections that are all ready to go. Saturday 1, 2, 9 and 10 plated and carded, 4 &
5 single line, along with  6,7, 8 so only 3, 11 and 12 left to card and Saturday is finished. 2 more easy
Sunday sections and then into plating and carding and final route marking and the job is done.

Wednesday, birthday done, so back to the dump and card sections 1-5 and now go and find two more simple ones to give everybody a break, route marking and 2 “just right” sections found and completed
which took us, loop included up to section 8 the uphill logs. We will start there this afternoon and put
the cards on 8-12 and that should just leave Saturday 3, 11 & 12 to card and lay out the route loop
marking and then, apart from last minute changes we are DONE !

Big John at the top of Uphill Logs…”Go for yer log, but go for it slow”

So the 12 Sunday Dump sections line up as follows with my predictions:

Section                                                          Prediction

1   The Lumber Yard                   Cleanable, all loops, all lines
2   Chunkey Monkey                    1 line might struggle, there is a way !
3   Up & Up                                   NO 4 line on this one, straight uphill with a kink
4   Short & Sweet                         Random dabs, tough on the 3 line
5   Fork                                           Should ride well
6   The Wash                                Technical turns
7   Firewood                                  “Gimmee” of the day
8   Uphill Logs                              Surprises for some !
9   Hill Slabs                                 NO 4 line, easy for 3, tricky exit for 1
10 Kitty Litter                                 A mark grabber ! Might “main road” by loop 3
11 Concrete Jungle                    What a cracker, it won’t change !
12 Picnicers delight                    2 line might find it tough

Now as a little aside, and I really don’t take any pleasure in this, the latest  Ahrma National
Championship series had THREE riders competing in three different classes !!……. unreal.

Currently we WERE at 20 riders but 2 have dropped out with injuries (don’t ride bloody MX) and thats
just pre entries we know about.

Thursday morning, section testing and final plating and replating in some cases after the mighty
God Thor destroyed a lot of my work from earlier. This afternoon final work on the Dump sections and
loop leaving Friday for other chores.

Nearly went to plan, all Saturday sections redone, retaped, recarded thanks to the storm and all route marking in place. Sunday sections complete along with route marking, a couple need a little fine
tuning adjustments tomorrow with a tweak or two for rideability reasons…. and some gentle work with
the sledgehammer.

Lets look at whats in store for your pleasure,

The Lumber Yard

The view from the top of “Up & Up” No 3

No 4 “Short & Sweet” …. well not that sweet !

Start of 5 “Fork”, 1/2 left and 3/4 right…. the storm rolls in

Hill Slabs, needs a sledgehammer adjustment ! 

“The Kitty Litter”, or piles of crap, which will take some marks

Entry to 11, “The Concrete Jungle” before the man with the hammer has


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