A very good question, never met the man, hardly know him, must be a disgruntled reality TV person with an ego trip!

Before the arrival of the pandemic as we approached Spring Break, “back in the winter of our discontent” as someone once said, I did not have a single picture of the current incumbent of the White House in my blog library. I had NO reason, his ridiculous ramblings on the global stage, were at worst disgraceful and disrespectful, and no more than pure comedy at best!

No idea of how to behave in the presence of Royalty … looks more like a stuffed Emperor Penguin, especially with that awkward stance

With a total lack of political knowledge or acceptance of protocol, I though perhaps he would listen to his advisors and experts before making absurd decisions …. well he proved me wrong back then, and has gone from strength to strength with his lies, accusations and ludicrous theories.

Back in the UK in the 80’s we had this hilarious comedy  called            “Yes Minister” which showed how parliament operated under a party change between Labour and Conservative governments. Now for those not in the “know” UK also has the Civil Service who have all the political knowledge and know “what works, and what doesn’t” so they can keep NEW ministers on track without making them look very foolish with election promises and hairbrained ideas

The NEW “Minister” (seated) with his two private secretaries …. I confess I thought the USA had something similar, perhaps it does, but clearly Donny Boy does not listen!  

I can’t remember the order of events but as they are all so ridiculous it probably doesn’t matter much. I believe his bullying tactics began with a full blown attack on NATO claiming all the members needed to pay their fair share or he might pull the USA out of the failing organization.

Then there was the absurd idea that “Global Warming” was a Hoax ? A word that of course we are now VERY familiar with amid all the other lies. He doesn’t get on with any of the European Leaders and tends to favor despots in North Korea, China (at this stage), Saudi Arabia, and tremendous, very good friend, and head of global Intel Mr Putin. If Putin says so …. then that’s the way it is! So NATO on the brink. Pull out of the Paris Accord, dump the IRAN Nuclear deal, be surprised when told Great Britain IS a Nuclear Power and has been since the 1950’s ….. oh, and by the way Finland is not part of Russia.

…… and then he storms off as other World leaders are laughing at him

Yes, he really can piss everybody off!

Back home time to show your Presidential power with claims on the Inauguration turnout

Just a comparison 

No prizes there either so how about a national emergency that devastates “sh…ole countries” which gives massive material for Stephen Colbert and his late night show as a hurricane rips Puerto Rico apart.

Yes HE really said that (common theme here) and they made a book of it

Sales of the book were very good, approval for the relief not so high!

Bounty paper rolls was about it, and as far as I’m aware not much has happened since from a Federal point of view

Well, how about the campaign promises ?    … oh yes, the Border Wall that Mexico will pay for ….. nothing happens but Donny Boy closes down the Gov over the Christmas period as this is the No 1 priority and he diverts money from the Pentagon…    still not much progress here as only 93 miles have been built and so far, only 3 new miles, as the other 90 miles replaced fences and barricades. As a builder Mr Trump I would have thought you knew more about foundations ?    clearly not!

The NEW wall blown over by 40 mph winds ….

But to get more support for this ugly, ridiculous monument to “Don” we invent the “CARAVAN”   which relentlessly marches towards the southern border     …….. but then unlike the Corona Virus …… it suddenly disappears   ????????

Where did they go ?    never mind the Butterfly is off!

….. and today it lands on a Windmill turbine ?

Now what ?

Are you fucking mad ?

But lets ignore this deranged waffling as another hurricane sets off to devastate the US  ……… this one, he gets briefed about, but is fiddling with his “Sharpie”

No, please NO !!

Here it is ….. the predicted path of “Dorian” produced by NOAA with a little Trump “add on” to encompass the Great State of Alabama

He later says he was RIGHT and gets the head of NOAA to give him a personal apology!….. even though it followed the predicted course and never touched Alabama

While we are still laughing as the late night shows and media rip him to shreds he outdoes himself with this little treat ……

Yes you are indeed fucking mad!

Well of course that butterfly is off again and now lets defeat ISIS in a month ……… of course a lot of other Nations are involved but Trump naturally takes all the “so called” credit …

Not really sure what we are supposed to see from this map other than ISIS strongholds   ….. but no matter

Special forces found the leader and removed him     …… now what?

Oh, oh,

Notre Dame Cathedral catches fire in Paris ……. and without being asked Loon-in-Chief offers this advice …….

As John McEnroe once said “You can’t be fucking serious?”

More devastating than a bulldozer !

While the dust and ashes settle on this one let’s stir up some more trouble in the Middle East ……. and as if by magic a missile strike on an oilfield in Saudi Arabia …… USA rushes to their defence

An old oilfield methinks

I would ask you to look at the markings on the missile and then compare them to the letters and numbers of the Persian alphabet

So where was this “mystery” missile manufactured and who sold it to the Iranians, if indeed it was them ??????

This meets with much political waffle, lots of accusations, but no reaction in a military sense at all …… very strange!……. a little while later this happens

Again no REACTION against an Iranian attack in the Gulf ? A lot of threats of course, but no action ?????

Meanwhile time to revisit Europe and this time its a visit to Denmark where Trumpty Dumpty and First lady will be staying at the Queen of Denmark’s Palace

I’m back !

Without doubt one of his dumbest moments …… but becomes sulky when told the Country is NOT FOR SALE and cancels his trip thereby insulting the Queen of Denmark

Well what’s to do now …..?    Oh, an upcoming election….. good idea and the Butterfly flits off again landing on ?  …… yes, you guessed it Ukraine !

….. and the saga of “Quid pro Quo” which for Trump’s benefit is from the Latin but as he doesn’t study cock all and has such a limited vocabulary I thought I’d throw that in here!

SO THE PERFECT PHONE CALL  … couldn’t help but think that beautiful and perfect are not adjectives to describe a phone call!

Beginning to look just “Peachy”

The saga of blackmail, corruption and treason continues …. whistle blowers, whistle, ….. Trump shouts and screams but here comes a waste of time Impeachment as the brain dead Republicans will stick behind this Dumb fuck no matter what !!!

I won’t bore you with the mindless details of this criminal charade but hope he gets fully prosecuted  in the years ahead

Just about every witness, key or otherwise, has lost their job, been asked to resign, or removed from office by this tyrant.

The sharpie strikes again. Of course you didn’t you lying bastard, the fact that he gave YOUR campaign $1M and you made him an Ambassador would give you absolutely no reason to know or ever meet the man !

Impeachment goes ahead although we all know its a lost cause

Whistle blowers and very credible witnesses come and go and get removed as Donny boy fires them

Another bunch of crooks, his crooks, get to stay and once again, he has never met, doesn’t know any of them, even though they were in his Florida resort!

As this is not going well, better do something outrageously stupid to switch attention, so how about bringing all the troops home from Syria now that ISIS is defeated and that will allow Turkey to kill off our allies the Kurds!!!!!!!

Yes, very sadly he actually said this and even worse said they were not our allies 400 years ago ????? Fathom that one out as America hasn’t been around that long

With allies like Trump who needs enemies ?

The World recovers from this bout of stupidity, which leaves a bad taste, ….. but wait there’s more …….. and now its in Iraq which after another supposed attack and protest at the US embassy we discover that a very prominent, tremendous, bad man, from the very bad, worst country, with very bad people, Iran, is arriving so we must kill him!

Judge, Jury and Executioner, must be a form of Islamic Law and we kill off an Iranian General

Iran takes a very dim view of this and sends a salvo of missiles onto a US Air Base destroying buildings and causing brain damage to our troops

Trump responds with more outrageous threats but no action is taken …..

Amid other world chaos called a Pandemic one more threat to Iran as tension builds in the Gulf 

As an Aviator I spent hours laughing over this

Mr President we have a pandemic        ” it will go away”

We are almost there, yes it arrived in 2020, he didn’t believe it and carried on with more nonsense called the Space Force or perhaps the Space Farce

I wonder where this idea came from ?

What exactly does this “Force” do ?

The mind boggles ?

……. and this from a man who said “the Moon is part of Mars”

Well I’m about done, not sure he is, so we are very sorry



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