Three Ahrma events as a couch spectator, and now I have the results to hand, I can try and piece
things together and take the information into the War Room and prepare my season attack.

Initial sightings see Graham Foster out and about on what looks like a beautiful trick Ariel, Jimmy
Allison on a good looking BSA, and Randy Black also on a big Beesa. Fred Martinson back on his
trick Yamaha and giving rising MC Int potential Champ, John Dowson, a run for his money and
Jimmy Allison swapping his ride for DD’s, maybe the BSA quit ?

Graham’s new toy, not sure about the forks? look a little Montesaish

Nice looking BSA for Jimmy, but v high footrests

Another big Beesa for Randy

Turnouts for all 3 events were good which bodes well for the rest of the season and marks were
cast about liberally at all venues. That in itself is another good thing as we do tend to have events
on the “easier” side or perhaps we are all better than we think we are !

Reviewing Terlton first, obviously an event I should have done well in, as it looks like it was mainly
muddy ditches and banks just like my childhood riding back in the Kentish countryside. One
seemingly easy day and then one to sort everyone out with plenty of marks lost and clearly not a
one dab affair to sort out the winners. Diamond Don’s, which should be a great event if it was well
planned had a better than normal entry and considering the land available should provide excellent
vintage sections. From the mud of the Bayous, (seldom used), the old ruins, and a whole host of
banks, climbs, and plenty of fallen trees, and tight nadgery sections around any corner, it is a
Trialsmaster’s delight. Add to the ground the fact that it will most likely rain then you have a Trials
feast and perhaps one year I should lay this one out and give them the full potential of what is there.
This year they started early thereby preventing the annual screw up with the Cross Country riders
who seem to insist on using the Trials loop and in some cases even going through our sections.

With 6 events completed and my quest not even started I have to consider the remaining rounds
and which machine is better on which course and will provide the most fun. 3 choices, Enfield in
Premier Heavyweight, Cub in Premier Lightweight and perhaps a run at the Brian Martin Trophy, or
a defence of Classic Expert again on the Cub?

In Premier Heavyweight Graham Foster is looking superb on that new Ariel with 2 wins, Rob Poole
has notched up his second win at DD’s and of course Derek is there abouts after a win and a third
at Buckeye. Will any of them be at Cotopaxi at the end of May ? Derek was there last year as was Mike
Parsley on his Matchless. Rob never goes there as he prefers the double of Trials and MX. Cotopaxi
doesn’t really lend itself to big bike riding as the sections are often large rock steps and a little outside
the big bangers capabilities on the 2 line unless the sections are modified. Rob and Derek will no
doubt be head to head at Donner, Chehalis, and Hollister and Derek could sneak in a win or two at
Casper and Tooele, but there again Graham and  Mike might take on Casper again as they both did
Steamboat last year.

Wish my Enfield was that slim!

Mike Parsley on the big “M”

Derek with his big Velo

Over in Premier Lightweight Hugh Campbell has a runaway lead with 96 points from 5 rides. Randy
Black having taken the other win and no idea of which other rounds are on his quest. Clearly the Cub
would do well at Cotopaxi, as it always has, but I would have to beat Hugh every time out as he has
the age advantage on me in the event of a tie!…….. and of course Mike Buchholz could bring that
Greeves out again this year if he doesn’t finish his Suzuki. Other contenders in the class are Dave
Dewonnia who can sometimes have inspired rides and maybe Mike Parsley will be back on his Cub
this year?

Hugh Campbell on last year’s Cub

Best ride of the day for Randy

Classic also has a clear leader in Eugene Waggonner with 4 wins to his credit, Smithy won his
round at DD’s and may have enough rounds in his neck of the woods this year. Never count out Rick
Wolff who is still there with a third and a second and a lot of events that he can do to get the magic “7”.
He has Cotopaxi, Donner, Tooele, Chehalis and Hollister all on his normal shopping list.

Eugene on top of the points

Never count out Rick !

So where am I hoping to ride? Well I’m hoping I’ll be a Cotopaxi as its only 280 miles away. I want to
do Donner but Brenda is not too keen and then we are all the way to September and Casper followed
by Tooele and Milliken. Unless there is a major change in financial fortunes Hollister will not be on.
Being poor is beginning to suck!

Cotopaxi, Casper and Tooele, from past experiences, are not big bike venues so despite my wishes
to ride the Enfield its looking very “Cubish” for this season so will it be Hugh or Eugene that I’ll be
battling ?…….. well a lot of food for thought, so I’m thinking I might have to wait and see the sections
at Cotopaxi and see if I could drag 280 lbs of Enfield round them without looking like a beginner.

I think I might have to do something I haven’t done for a very long time and actually get some
practicing in. Trouble with that as you get older you only do what you know you can do ! Might have to
force myself out of “my” comfort  zone and really see what the Enfield is capable of. Just so happens
I have a huge pile of rocks behind the property  where some housing is planned and this could
provide the challenge I need.


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