I think this must be a plea for help. Not that “He” would have a glimmer of understanding as he has NO knowledge of any part of history but if any of his so called advisors were to recall, you may remember, that during the reign of King Henry VIII ( that’s 8 for non Latin scholars) every time Henry wanted a divorce, he couldn’t get one, as an Archbishop stood in his way …….. and so it came to pass that this saying went into the history books   

“Who will rid me of this troublesome Priest? “

The similarities in this saga are all there, except the characters are reversed! It is WE the PEOPLE  who are asking, and the Priest is short of the task lacking a “d” and an “n”

NOT in my book!

and genius does not refer to the arsehole in the black coat

August has certainly been a bumper month for our No1 Dickhead as there seems little left that he can fuck up short of another global war! The country is in a shambles, no sense of priority or leadership, no answers to the pandemic, vaccines, and once again congress clears off for another much needed break having achieved nothing in 15 days! The Loon has been busy dismantling the Post Office which one has to ask the question, “don’t republicans vote by mail?” or as they can’t spell perhaps its just a thumbprint.

Indeed they shall

Well I could see the USPS disaster coming after he appointed yet another person with no qualifications for the job who then set about firing people, slowing down the mail, stopping overtime, and removing postal sorting machines. Hopefully the Board will take note and remove this individual before more harm is done.

How do republicans vote ????????

So what else has the Master Mind thought out for August? Well of course …… Absolutely Nothing!

It amazes me that people don’t see any of this coming, and remember, HE isn’t thinking any of this for himself, it’s his puppet masters that are writing the script …… and still the nation says nothing.

The so called Homeland Security Police are back again in Portland, mailboxes are being taken away from their current locations, the pandemic that he has been too busy to notice rages on. Schools are closing faster than they are opening as teachers and other staff, such as myself, withdraw knowing how hopeless and dangerous the situation is.

Life does not go on as before as the lying Republicans Cares Act becomes just more wasted paper along with his ineffectual signed Executive Orders. The bitter crunch of no money, zero movement of unemployment funds, the threat of eviction, homelessness, rioting, looting, and mass armed Blackwater Police are all there in front of us.

All coming soon as predicted

Back again!

Not sure who this helps ? ….. and who authorized this????

Democrats are not without shame either as it is a total disgrace that no REAL effort has been forged between the parties to do what THEY are paid to do and that is the WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE THAT ELECTED THEM!  …… with this ongoing party squabbling both sides risk losing their own voters so for everyone’s sake DEAL with things in PRIORITY or you won’t have a Nation.

“It will be ready 7/31” they said ……. and indeed it could have been if they had got the 2nd round ready back in April/May

This is about as stupid as it gets …. it’s called STEALING and is a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

So what else did Dumbshit  do …… well its easy to forget with all these Butterflies, but he carried on his constant RUDENESS to all his health professionals, claimed the Democrat presumptive VP is not legal under the Constitution (What he knows about the Constitution could be written on one of his tiny hands) started being rude about her, and of course dreaming up some ridiculous nickname for her.

He wants to be on Mt Rushmore, less said about that the better, claims credit for the Veterans’s Choice Act that was signed in 2014, and is still working on his USPS dismantling plans along with raping Social Security

How does Trump claim ANY credit for this ?

Wait for it!

More from the Post Office:

Beyond belief!

Stay on your toes people this is becoming VERY SERIOUS and with a DERANGED LUNATIC ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN

As a saving grace from another buffoon  ……….














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