While the Loon in Chief keeps bragging about his dementia test, and the World looks on in horror, as armed gunmen in full riot gear terrorize  protesters armed with leaf blowers and cupcakes, lets see if we can unravel this mess and see who they really are, and what are they doing here ?

“Donnie, any ideas ?”

These are MY THOUGHTS and mine alone, and I have NO REAL TIME INFORMATION to back them up, other than 31 years of military service in the Royal Air Force and hopefully a lifetime of logic and common sense.

Please correct me if I’m wrong on my assumptions but as I understood the situation the USA has its obvious Police Forces, Sheriff’s Departments, State Patrol and Troopers, DEA and FBI and many other Federal Departments, Marshals, etc, and then the DHS and Border Patrol. Over and above all of these are the National Guard and then the full force of the Military.

It would therefore seem ODD,  VERY ODD,  that this force of theoretical “law enforcement” has NOTHING on its uniform other than POLICE. Please don’t tell me they are Homeland Security or Border Patrol BECAUSE THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT !!!

So if I’m right who the Hell are they ? I personally believe they are ALL members of the World’s largest MERCENARY ARMY and none other than BLACKWATER SECURITY or whatever guise they are currently going under.

This bunch of mercenaries sprung up after the end of Gulf War I while I was in Saudi Arabia as a Top Gun Instructor to the RSAF. Now I can’t blame any military man for becoming a mercenary, as after all they are paid precious little by ANY country whose military they joined, most likely straight from school. I suppose an average front line troop will earn about $30-40K  per year and of course that will be taxed by their own government.  So probably after a couple of tours in the Gulf and Afghanistan if you are approached by “Blackwater” lets say, and you are recruited at, lets say,  twice what you were being paid, and your new salary will be TAX FREE you will most likely sign up!  No doubt you will have several friends who have gone that way. This “Private Army” is not just US personnel but a worldwide clan from all nations!

This is WHO they are!

The despicable twins know it ……. and a whistle blower will surely blow and all will be revealed …… coming soon at an Impeachment near you!

Police ?       I really Don’t Think So

What did she do ?

These ladies really look like a threat

Definite trouble

……. and they brought their husbands …… with LEAF BLOWERS !!!

Now all of this was clearly planned and must have been for some time as contracts would need to be signed, uniform decided on, weapons to be used etc, etc, private cars and vans hired….. the list goes on.

I wonder was this Trump administration not advised or consulted and why was it necessary to use this team in preference to the National Guard ?

It would seem that with all his threats to the other cities he claimed he was going to send troops (police) into he would indeed need an army the size of Blackwater to do what he is talking of ……. but how in hell’s name is he not being opposed by the Republican party ? He is talking about Chicago, Albuquerque (what did they do wrong?) Detroit, Baltimore, Kansas City, and even New York !!!! ……..and Blackwater’s services do not come cheap.

Well this moronic behavior is QUITE the DISTRACTION, can’t really see how this helps his poll numbers, or his fantastic non-leadership of the sniffles problems that are affecting over 4 million of the ever decreasing population.

No matter, yes, it butterfly time again ……..

Today’s target China ! Close down one of their facilities and accuse them of spying!  Blame them for everything and promote more World harmony

……. and while you are still trying to get your head round those two items let’s send congress home for the weekend as this stimulus thing doesn’t really have anything going for it, and by the way its fine to open schools as the CDC says so??????

Yes, quite amazing but what was, and still is a joke, is becoming even more worrying in this NEW phase where his staunch opinions are changing on all manner of topics. This I find frightening as I feel  he is behaving more as a “puppet” and is under someones direction in his quest (God forbid) to get re-elected.

Clearly all these planned invasions, which one assumes will now form center stage, rather than have Conventions, and should take us through August and September and divert attention away from issues like a PANDEMIC, SCHOOLS, EVICTIONS, FORECLOSURES and small potatoes, ..NO STIMULUS CHECKS ……. as we can’t have unemployed people being paid more to stay at home as there is no incentive to go back to work.

OK, I lied but I was only doing my job!

Never mind LOOK at ALL these NEW jobs your Administration has created

Other NEW jobs, School Mortuary Attendants

According to Donnie it should be just fine

……..and how does all this look to the rest of the World ?

Haven’t we seen this before ?

While the Puppet Masters (whoever they are) are using all this civil unrest to their advantage, more on this in a moment, I was relieved to see I’m not totally alone in my opinions …… as we can see

Maybe, those Puppet Masters are actually PLANNING a Civil War with Blackwater on one side against the National Guard acting for the invaded City …… TOO terrifying to think about…. or is it?

He isn’t doing this because he believes …. he is being TOLD!

Anybody understand ?




















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