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The fitness program continues and some extra work needs to be done on  pool table skills with a bit more finesse and science.


Spring is almost on us and I see plenty of garden work ahead. Might even get that vegetable bed going as every year it slides on the back burner! Now its Ski time and  Phil is coming over.


Phil with Brenda

EPSON scanner image
EPSON scanner image



Skiing would be good

Brenda’s son Phil is coming for a visit and wants to ski (so do I) and he also wants to ride the Durango train with Brenda. By the end of this month we will be asparagus hunting and after years of believing this was a myth put about by the locals we actually found some last year so now we know where to go and what to look for.


…….. and it grows wild ………. and its free…….. yummeeee!


Now add a pork chop and some mashed…….. and butter

Trials wise I won’t be attending the opening round down in Roswell NM at the end of the month but should be good for the rest.



First outing at Turkey Rock 21/22 May where I usually do quite well on the very grippy rock.


Sections are just right at Tucker’s


One day it will have water in it!

Nothing in June so gardening and fishing until 23/24 July when we take on another old favorite at Tucker’s Ranch and the Waterfall in the start area.



August and Sipapu again in the middle of the month on 13/14. Not 100% sure about this place …….. variable results here over the years and one or two spectacular crashes I can do without!




3 weeks later and I’m back in Casper WY in what I view as Trials Heaven. Back to Labor Day this year which I enjoy as it fits in with School Bus Driving and gives the extra day  for travelling.


San Ysidro wraps up the season in mid October and hopefully won’t be as wet as last time when we had to leave early or be stuck there for a few days.




Current thoughts are we will not be at Napa this year as the house needs a $3000 paint job on the exterior involving ladders and scaffolding……… and then there is “Scruffy” who, after make-up and wardrobe will hence force be called “Scuffy”

arrow glass boat 1

As she was…….

boat in progress 1

The refurbishment system starts, and it works !

arrowglass boat

Something like this circa 1965

As soon as the boat gets Brenda’s final touches we should be out on the local lakes for trout, walleye and maybe a bass or two. Then a “maybe” on another engine ?


What I’m currently using


He says “it will slot straight in”

…….. and back to trials again …….. at the end of last season spoke to Ray (The Cub Guru)  over in CA and he surprised me by stating that he would build me up a NEW engine for the Cub over the winter from his large stock …. my mind immediately thinks of a 280 cc with a lower 2nd gear, the KTM kicker and all the other big boy mods that the EVO motor has in the UK. Ray says he think staying at standard 199 cc is the way to go so I left it at that, especially when the total cost to me for this enterprise was ZERO !  So,  as the keenness light was on I rang him last week to see if this was just a “post work” drunken rambling or whether fiction was actually fact. Well it could be fact???

Finding a few pics of Escalante Days Trials, of course the last one they hated so I stopped doing them but I could be persuaded for 2017 if somebody ever said “Thank you” !


Two cleans here under the 4th Street Bridge


Some said it WAS impossible ……..  I’m passed the “2” boards…….


The biggest delight after the day of pouring rain was actually being the FIRST CLEAN of the dreaded Graded Hill …… and then 2 more!



Fun sections in Lost Canyon and by “Bottle House”






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  1. Hope Ray gets you a new engine done up. You seem to have had very good luck with his service, I wish I could say the same. At this point I would just like to get my old tank and seat back from him.

    And I will say thank you for the events you have done, the two that I got to ride were fun.

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