Today is the day! I don’t care what it takes but, by hook or by crook I’ll get up in there today!

While I’m packing up the 6 packages from weekend E-bay sales, it has to be a record, my bicycle rack that I have on Craig’s List got another enquiry and by the time I had got back from a few measurements of the wheel racks yet another of the “spare parts” departs at the asking price of $75, its going crazy round here!!

Be  nice to sell this one by Thule

Don’t ask! Its crazy what people will pay, but I’ll just carry on

Apart from that loft, need to relist tensioner blocks, brake/foot pedal Hanger actuator, coils, and headlamp brackets, maybe some axles and swinging arm bolts. To finish the day an oil pump sells!!! well I couldn’t believe it so another relist.

Finally got into the loft and from what limited access I had I could see some front wheels, old fork legs which will need some work, two frames, a whole load of rear wheels, and a box of triple trees and brake backplates. The Harley pipes are there but I ran out of time.

Tuesday and two overnight sales with the first a set of headlamp brackets along with the oil pump, yes they really are nuts

Headlamp brackets

First of the oil pumps!

Having just woken up with these stinging watering eyes I’m even more surprised to find someone has bought an oil reservoir !

Well what can I say after all my comments?!!

Now I have a question from Australia re the headlamp brackets. When My bike arrived as No1 in the UK in 1974 the first thing to go was the lights! When I Started rebuilding Yams around 2000 I always took all the lights off. I sold a ton of them on ebay and one sold for over $200 to someone in Belgium. Badly dented tanks, put on ebay at around $5.00 could sell for $50.00 or $60.00 so you never know!  One guy did an exchange with me for 3 TY250s plus cash for the first “Glitz” and these incomers had never seen a trial and all came with luggage racks

The First “Glitz” that sold for 3 more TY250s and $500 

They, (the luggage racks) all sold for about $120 so you just never know what some people want.  Now it seems there is an almost manic desire to put these old bikes back in their original condition??? Better list a load of spindles, brake plates, and swinging arm bolts and then move on to some engine cases and even a TY175 head with either second plug or decompressor hole.

Another day of Chemo yesterday and so far no changes of side effects or other misery. Main issues are paying for the NEW toy and not being screwed around by an auditor running behind! Just when you think you have all your bases covered!!!

Well my super car dealer says he understands the issue, which just adds to the pleasure of doing business with him, and I shall be giving him a GLOWING reccommendation when we conclude the deal hopefully by next weekend.

Bloody Auditors screwing things up

Coming soon I hope


Hurry up YOU!

This morning another set of headlamp brackets to Australia and a tensionner block to Kansas. Time for some more relisting and try and get axles, swinging arm bolts, air cleaner top box covers and the TY 175 head spruced up.

Damaged fin cut off the head, need to repaint and supply with 175 Plugs (BE9ES) which I have some of. Air cleaner Tops listed. Some Cycling helmets will go on today. Time to clean up some axles after checking the thread! Caught me out, twice! Cleaned the unit but the thread is buggered by someone hammering it out and not doing maintenance with a bit of grease. No doubt that’s why it was in the box!!!

Better keep listing












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