Nice Rainbow

Well if anything I’m feeling stronger with more energy as I move into week 3 of my 26 according to the Oncologist! One can easily dispute “The quality of life” when the rainbow you once had stops in mid curve! When life seemingly had no ending and what you enjoyed was fun and time consuming, but had goals and pleasure, and is now plunged into despair and a loveless void it is very difficult to find enjoyment and see any future, so perhaps death will be a welcome release from this torment.

Here’s a new bed dedicated to cycling I call the “Saddle Bed” spot the saddle

Finally I have the center bed wet enough that my poor plants are not wilting non stop so water, as ever, does the trick and they are responding well. 205.12 was the 6 day total of the last week with the previous Sunday a gardening/rest day. Looks like there will be “some” riding today and maybe get the last of the plants (about 12 ) into their final homes for 2021.

Then time for another Jag wipe over as the oddball nightly rain showers do nothing for appearance as the clouds are full of AZ dust which is now all over the car.

Morning (rest day) maintenance ride (spinning) goes well for 19.29 and might get a few more later if the body is willing. Yet more arse bine has emerged after yesterday’s watering but at least the soil is moist. An afternoon of yet more weeding and finally nine more plants go in leaving four dianthus for tomorrow if my Pre 65 Scottish shoulder injury will let me dig the holes.

Tuesday, a little cooler, but prospects of thunderstorms later in the day which might save me from watering. Riding might be a bit tricky with the showers but we will see. Morning ride goes better than planned with 24.16 in the log. Nearest storm, the weather alerts tell me is 50 miles away! Day finished on 32.46 with a total of 1295.32 and a beer at the brewpub. No sooner home and dogs fed and walked and it comes on to rain which then changes to a mega downpour with thunder and lightning and I can see the ground can’t take it all. More rain overnight and cool and muggy this morning with threats of more of the same. I had an awful night’s sleep which in no way could be called restful, too hot, too cold! kept waking up ….. awful!

Wednesday morning, damp and wet, with more to come, as I said, and temps down to low 70’s from the 90+ we have been having. The roads dried up and I ventured out with the plan of staying fairly close to home. Not quite close enough as after 2.5 miles it was time to turn round only to meet a big black cloud of pouring rain! Well I guess that completes my Tour de France experience as I crept back in soaked from the downpour but I DID crack the 1300 banner so I achieved something.

It carried on raining most of the day!

Thursday and the last Mountain Stage for this year’s tour which I found very exciting, and once again last year’s winner proved he is not a one horse race and surged to the front, again, for another superb win to equal his performance from yesterday taking the “Polka Dot, King of the Mountains jersey” just as he did last year. We still have the individual Time Trial, which is where he won everything last year, and looking at his form I see another Stage Win coming!!

In a class of his own!

Change of game plan for me with a “quickie” 10.54 before feeding and walking dogs and then out for a longer effort of 25.66 to wrap up the day in the thirty+ and up the total to an impressive 1336.82 in the quest to crack 1400 by Saturday.

In other news a slight uplift to the mental state with news of a new “Trojan Horse” which I will be looking into. When I was dealing with all this chemo they did “PET Scans” where they inject you with radio active glucose and they can see the hot spots of where the tumors are feeding. Very clever I thought! Well if they can do that why can’t they target those tumors with something they like but kills them as we do with other pests? It seems they like fish foods with Omega 3 which the tumors store from fish like Salmon, Tuna, Cod (all fish that I like) so if you take a supplement of this called DHA any overload will kill the tumor! HEY, at this stage I have to ask myself what harm can it do??? It worked for the GREEKS!


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