With the season opener for AHRMA behind us, and boy did I want to ride that or what? Well
mustn’t be greedy and must give back to the sport, so onto the next series of trials to look
forward to.

Waiting for the Train Kingman 2005

Next one for me is the CAT season opener the “Hardrock Trial” at Kingman AZ, good place for an
event but a shame about the start area which is difficult to park in with anything much bigger
than a pick up. Previously run as a 2 day this has always been a good but tough trial.  The
landscape lends itself to sections and providing the Trialsmasters think it through some
challenging but fun sections can be laid out. I always prefer a 2 day especially if you are
travelling 200+ miles for an event and for a 1 day 200 has to be the borderline of yes or no.

CAT in it’s infinite wisdom has seen fit to throw out ALL the 2 day trials which I personally don’t
see as a good thing but my view doesn’t count for much in this field. Brenda may stay at home
for this one, and I’m borderline as to whether to go or not.

Kingman 2004

Kingman 2006 with the Majesty

The next AHRMA event is in Florida which again is too far for me but it usually has a good turn
out so that takes us through the opening week of March and just maybe the Lucas Racing Mag
will be rewinding in the UK as I would love to have the Enfield up and running for Diamond Don’s
in early April.

Nothing happening up in Colorado until May as the snow keeps falling!

Locally it will be Table Mesa on March 16th and as previously said I love the place with it’s
Scottish style sections…..I can dream! Doubt the Enfield will be ready for that so more fun with
the Cub which is performing brilliantly and I can offer no excuses this year as it does everything
I ask.

Keith’s place at Table Mesa will have had the road rebuilt, you have to marvel at what a one
armed man can do with a Bulldozer. I remember when Brenda and I went to look at the place a
few summers ago when CAT had lost all it’s regular trials venues. We took Brenda’s Ford Explorer
and the road, if you can call it that, was non existant and heavily overgrown with Palo Verde,
Mesquite and Ironwood with Catsclaw thrown in for good measure! The pin-striping on her car
was awful!

Brenda’s car in the background….. she hasn’t seen the pin-striping Yet!

Got to be some sections here

Natural riverbed just like Scotland

but wait, there’s more


80 acres of this, and he wants us back

Table Mesa

Man, I love this place!

Moving on, maybe some skiing at Telluride….. that reminds me better get working on those
SWM’s! ….. then first week of April down on the bayou at Jefferson Texas for Diamond Don’s,
the now “famous” Friday night party of free beer Crawdads and Brisket and the AHRMA bands
and singers. We always love the train ride into town and the Po-boy shrimp sandwich which
just has to be the finiest ever…… might even go a day early and have another one ?
The same weekend there is a Cat trial but AHRMA takes priority.

Here come de train!

All aboard

Shrimp Po-boy for me Please

The platform at Diamond Don’s

Coming into town

Another Po-boy please

Mid April, we assume we are heading for Perris Raceway in CA, not the Perris Trials Land that
was so good, but another motocross course so once more an unknown. Well it’s all fun and I’m
impatient to get on with the next one.

TONY DOWN  waiting for the Train!

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