That time of the year again and avid readers will remember from our “Mills & Boon or Harlequin”
books that Raeph and Priscilla are none too pleased to have their secret lovers meeting place
disturbed by trials riders.

Their idyllic sleepy hollow at Mosteller Ranch where they wander hand in hand by the babbling brooks
is about to be shattered once more by 70 + motorcyclists in pursuit of trials riding nirvana.

“Its bad news Raeph, those trials riders are coming back at the end of
the month”

As they were told last time, its only one weekend of the year, so get with the program! It seems from
reports coming in and from the continuing saga of their pursuit of lustful passion, heaving bodices etc
that this year they have adopted the “if you can’t beat them…. join them” philosophy. Maybe we will get
to meet them at the Pot Luck Saturday night cookout.

“Raeph we must pick the apples up at the Fish Ponds  before those trials riders find them and make a crumble for the pot luck”

So what is it about this event that makes it so special in my eyes ? Here is an event at either the end
of August or beginning of September that gives the rider a full spectrum of true trials sections. We
have mud, and more mud, rivers and streams, rocks of all sizes, tight nasty nadgery, open hillsides,
fallen trees and logs, woodland riding with roots and other surprizes, and some interesting artifical
obstacles in the start area called “Lego-Land”…….. and my personal favorite down by the start
“The Waterfall” ….without doubt the BEST Trials riding venue on the calendar.

Goopey mud in August ?

A winter trial in summer

Serious water with mud

A divine section …… a real joy to ride

Splashing around in rivers

In the “lover’s” babbling brook

Rocks of all sizes

Interesting Nadgery

Roots and a fallen tree thrown in

A “mini” brick in lego-land

Through the Diamond of lego-land ….. the pros go OVER it !!

My personal favorite “The Waterfall”

Summer fun at those “Falls”

Meanwhile our devious duo mull over plans to keep their lover’s retreat a private sanctuary with no
more motorcycles either vintage or modern. They considered joining AHRMA who had already brought
down the 3 day event to only 2, or even buying a Royal Enfield to destroy the sections and all the Trialsmaster’s hard work. In previous years, and it took time to fathom, many sections were destroyed overnight by vandals and other persons unknown…….. now the truth can be told !

“Priscilla darling, don’t worry I’ll let the wild horses loose again and they
will never get all the tape up again in time for the start” 

Security film footage shows the “tape eaters” during a dastardly early
morning attack

 Of course we don’t know whether Raeph and Priscilla will turn up but rumour has it they have bought
some vintage bikes!! …….not sure who is riding what but their next novel reveals all

Who gets to ride what on the 4 line ?

Priscilla must have been reading my articles on “Green” for riding the Cub and again we are told she ordered some of the new green one piece ladies suits from Lewisport but was having trouble with
some of the body armor

“Thank you Raeph darling, it really is a lovely suit, but where do these
cups go ?”

The lovers are discovering there is a lot more to this Vintage Trials thing and its not just a matter of
turning up and hoping for the best. Maintenance and preparation are the keys especially for the Novice
on an older machine.

“Raeph have you been working on that Enfield thing again ?”

Well whatever you are riding and wherever you are coming from the wildlife is spectacular as you
cross into Wyoming and the roads get better too…….. well until you turn off for the trials site!!! Hope to
see everybody there including the “lovers”

CASPER = The No 1 venue for Vintage Trials IMHO


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