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Leaving Scotland aside time to look at the 2009 program and see what can be ridden this year within
the new budget. The season got off to a great start at Buckeye AZ but then has taken a nosedive as my
usual run of events in AZ could not be ridden due to distance and finances. Missing 3 AZ favourites of
Kingman, Keith’s Mine and Alto Pit leave a big hole in the Ahrma pre season practice and this year I’m
also missing DD’s down in the bayou so nothing on the horizon until Milliken in May.

Missing Alto Pit this year

Normally by May I have already completed half a season’s worth of events but this year all the events
have been too far away to even consider. So let’s assume I get ONE ride in using the Ahrma dumbarse
rule before someone notices and objects and that should then leave 4 more rides for Classic Expert
and 6 for Premier Heavyweight.

In the Mudhole at Milliken

So Milliken will be the “double or triple entry” on May 16 and then a couple of weeks off before the NEW
venue at Turkey Rock, Howard CO, me thinks this is similar altitude and conditions as Cotopaxi but
we will see.

June has a couple of the Rocky Mountain events that I haven’t ridden in the past so more new ground
for me at Steamboat Springs on 20 June and then the following weekend at Lyons Quarry on June 28.

The rocks by the Lodge at Donner

July and time to head for the hills and Donner Ski Ranch in CA. Not sure what it is about this place but
I love the location and event and always seem to have a good ride at this one. I think it must rate as the
near Perfect Trial on the Ahrma calendar. It has everything, location, facilities, terrain and a very
pleasant atmosphere  to go with the views and perfect trials riding temperatures.

Then while others work their way through Mid Ohio and Chehalis I will bide my time until the end of
August when we are back at Tucker Ranch Cotopaxi. Again I enjoy this venue and normally ride well
enough but seem to have had a lot of “5’s” if memory serves me right. Well perhaps it was setting up
the Cub in it’s early days but nonetheless a very beautiful place and perfect terrain for trials at all levels
up to Modern National.

The Waterfall at Cotopaxi

Tight turns at Cotopaxi

September will see us away for over a week with the 3 day event at Casper Wy where I have had
some good and bad rides over the years despite the fact that the sections and conditions are some
of my favorites. The first year on the Yams was pretty good with a nice win on day 1 and then a
mechanical fuel blockage causing a 5 and losing day 2. Second time out the first day was again good
but Dan Straka had an “A game day” and had a deserved win. Day 2 was marred with a couple of
surprize 5’s which didn’t do much and dropped me down the order. Third appearance at this venue
and I’m on the Cub but it keeps chucking me over the bars until we discover the SM pegs are causing
the problem. Last year was a very easy routing for the big RE which chuffed round 3 days for the loss
of just one mark although it did eat a handful of plugs.

The Rivers of Casper

In the Woods at Casper

Straight down I25 post Casper and back to the sand of Sandia which I seem to ride better than most
and with the new terrain and sections this has been a good venue for me over the past few years.

Sandia…….. sand!

Come October we may take our pilgramage back to Napa to have the “Anniversary” and round off
the season with Hollister Hills on October 10 which is “The Day”.

Getting close to “Crunch Time” so for anyone still thinking of “Pledges” for the Pre 65, don’t be shy
every little contribution from $1 upwards will certainly help.

Many thanks to those that have contributed already


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