The Trials Rider’s Lament

Saturday night and the event is over, the ambition has been fulfilled and thanks to all that contributed
and made it all possible, and amazingly Brenda, who had severe reservations about everything from
weather, non smoking hotels and all the rest actually loved every minute.

Not wanting a British DUI the final presentation was given a miss as I could not have gone and stayed
“dry” so lubrication was sought downstairs with yet more Boddies and another excellent meal taking on
the Cumberland sausage which was first rate and not a bad meal on any evening for both of us and
even Brenda who can suffer from lactose intolerance had no problems with any of Scotland’s offerings.

A couple of nice souvenirs

Jack and George join us along with his laptop where the evidence is revealed of exploits on Cameron
Hill and Coalasnacoan where I had some close calls with a clean before grinding to a halt, oh well
another time maybe on something that I can steer and use my arms.

Now you see me….. now you don’t

Sunday morning and quite an effort to get the legs out of bed and an ever bigger effort to stand up as
both quadriceps are saying “No thanks, what have you done to us?” I can only assume it was the long
relentless jaunt up Callert Pass and then the long downhill on the other side. Finally using all
handrails available make it to the dining room for the last time and have one more dose of those
delightful Mallaig Kippers.

Ah, those Kippers!

Soon its time to pay up, say fond farewells and depart for the South. Dick and Lyn pop by to say
goodbye and deliver more photographic evidence and with a slight change in the weather we depart.
Same routing as before back through Glencoe and then straight on at Crainlarich as the banks of Loch
Lomond are not a good place to be on a May Day Bank Holiday.

The ruggedness of Glencoe

A quick stop at the refuelling store at Tyndrum and now armed with more Wall’s Pork Pies and pickled
onions we can begin. Taking George’s advice we continue south out of Crainlarich and this leads us to
M73 and eventually M6. We decide a pub lunch will be a good thing and venture off the beaten track to
Kendal but can only find another “Spit & Sawdust” with friendly natives but no food available. By now the
weather has improved and no more rain as we glide down the Motorway for Manchester.

Another “Spit & Sawdust” with no food!

England’s fair and pleasant land

Book into the airport hotel, locate a decent local pub for the “Last Supper”, refuel the battered Merc for
the last time and set off for the local pub called The Romper. Still windy but clear skies so only one
outside venture for a smoke but at least you can take your drink. Brenda likes the 600 year old pub and
the food is equally delicious with a superb steak for her and a steak, ale and stilton pie for me.

Finally an Old British Pub

The Last Supper of the Expedition

Monday morning and time to take the car back and Brenda has a few choice words with the Hertz
manager re credit cards and missing Mercedes gunsight and dings on a 3000 mile “premium” car…….
net result 70 GBP refund! Well that made it  very cheap source of transport.

All goes smoothly at check in and we eventually go through the standard security nonsense and now
they don’t like a bottle of single malt which is in it’s sealed presentation box! It should have gone as
hold baggage ……what is this bloody world coming to??

The American Airlines seats are no more comfortable on this flight but we make it without incident to
Chicago save for the obligatory crying baby. The last of the Pork pies is consumed before re-entry and
confiscation by customs, and heaven forbid that we had ever bought any flower or vegetable seeds!

Last leg to Denver on time and with all our bags time to remember where we had left the car. More
humping and dumping and finally around 1830 having refuelled we are on our way in search of the 285
South. A long and twisting drive through the mountains and one that would be great fun on a road bike
but now we are tired and need to get home. 250 miles are covered but we are both having trouble
keeping the peepers open so the only wise thing to do is done and we book into “Hotel Sleazey” for
what I thought was going to be a full night but at 0500 I’m awoken and Brenda wants to be off again
and see the dogs.

So once again a very big thank you to all those that contributed and made the mission a success, and
in answer to the question would you do it again? Well maybe, if I had the right bike that I had prepped
for the event. Might even be worth buying one over there, using it and then selling on. Until then my
friends, I’ll gang awaw doon the burn laddy  with cries of FREEDOM! and I’ll answer the question “Will
e’ nay come back agin?” maybe next year at the same time.

The “Lament” continues…………


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  • 5/28/2009 9:19 AM Doug Hunter wrote:

    I enjoyed your classic SSDT ride/trip report as I have always hoped to get over there some year myself. Competing probably won’t be in the cards but some spectatating combined with a borrowed street bike and ride might. Thanks for the insight!
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