As cold creeps over Colorado and Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the horizon time to review all the repairs waiting in the wings.

First major item is of course the trailer and the missing hub and wheel which departed the ship on the homeward run from deepest Nevada.


“Three wheels on my wagon…… but I keep rolling along”

The wheel on the other side of the axle was removed and all the components laid out ready to reorder. The people who sold me the trailer were contacted and they told me Roadmaster, the trailer builder, has gone out of business so now I’m researching the web for all the parts I need. Finally the whole axle was removed and humped into the back of the Cadi. Off to Coretez to a trailer shop but they are moving locations and won’t be open until next Monday. I had thought I could just replace the stub axle but with the grinding and rewelding required it may be cheaper to replace the complete unit.



Axel off, grease nipple missing? Was it ever fitted ?

The NO Excuse Cub still has those oil leaks from the rocker shafts and I believe the problem is the newer washers which are much harder than the original soft copper. Also (thanks to over tightening) the exhaust rocker cover has become dished and the tappet hits it with am awful broken ring type ticking noise until the oil gets round. Ray says he has some spare ones.


That explains the ticking noise!

Also need to change the bars round on the Yam and the Cub which need some bar risers when I put the bars on the Cub which are 6″ lift and the current Renthals are 7″ and old style like I used to have back in the 70’s. No I can’t fit the risers  on the Yam as that will push the bars backwards whereas the BSA yokes on the Cub are straight up and down. It will also mean NEW grips for both machines.






…..And maybe some new Iridium plugs

Then we come to the Beemer and the electric hydraulic center stand which won’t deploy! A new one from BMW is $1300 and they don’t repair them but as I understand it the average shade tree mechanic can take it off and refill with oil which seems to be the problem.


Well I think I can

Meanwhile in the house I’ve been completing intensive electrical work replacing a Chandelier, 2 corridor ceiling lights and a rather nasty fan…… all with the help of my assistant Midnight the new and curious Cat!


The ever helpful cat Midnight

Into Thanksgiving week and first visit to the newly reopened trailer shop. Knowledgeable man on the desk tells me exactly what I want and gives me the options. Armed with the info off to the machine shop to see what it will cost to get the old stub spindle out, weld in a new one and the brake backing plate mount. Looking at the overall costs there really isn’t much in it so this morning its back to the trailer shop and order the complete axle. While I’m there pick up the spare wheel and some new lug nuts. On the way home stop at Big O who swap the new tire over onto my old alloy wheel and pop the worn one on the new steel spare…… FREE!   So a couple of weeks to wait on the axle but I’m ready to rebuild when it arrives.

……… well, while I’m waiting its time for those Christmas lights again






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