Now down to 3 weeks and time to link up all the exploratory work and trails, turn that into a loop, and then turn the whole thing into the Day2 portion of the trial.

Well still lots to do and the clock is ticking.

Enough ranting, must be the weather + old age. Anyhoo, the Day 1 spectator sections all got strimmed, clipped, and debranched so should all ride well. We will be taking different lines under the bridge as the 1 line didn’t quite have enough control room for standing up so that should be much improved. As the last 3 public sections can’t be laid out until the  Friday (or we risk children and fishermen  destroying them) but at least they are ready and waiting and only require some rock rolling under the bridge when I can see the final water levels.

Over in Lost Canyon first dose of work on Section 11 which is a hill side climb and turns affair …… and no rocks! It is shaping up well but heat and fading arm strength got the better of me yesterday and I gave it best but should finish today.

Order of Battle will be finish the NEW section 11 and then clean up and strim 12. Get those done and see if I can finish the NEW trail out to 8,9, and 10 (wearing safety glasses of course). If that can be achieved then it will be down in Lost Canyon Creek and out with chainsaw to clear a load of fallen willows and aspens which now block last year’s 1 & 2.  Its all shaping up in my mind but everything is taking longer.

Time to get emails out to all those sitting on the fence and motivate them to join us, need some daily updates on faceplant and social medias and see what the local papers are saying.

Early start at LCC section 11 and this is anything but easy! Bushes seem to have a million sharp thorny branches and a ton of long grass to add to the fun. At 12.30 the job is finally done and this little beauty has taken four hours + to knock into shape but its ready to tape and card. Section 12 only takes 45 mins to strim  and looks very much like when we left it last year.


4 hours of hacking and strimming and its ready !


No changes from last year, strimming done and ready for tapes

Several refreshing adult beverages later time to set off for round two which is loop and trail marking out to 8,9 and 10. This is NEVER easy in this infernal maze! Stumble around for about 30 mins trying to find the trail I cut a couple of weeks ago……. no luck! Eventually come across some of it but no idea where it came from….. find “Poke in the Eye” and set about branch and brush removal. After 1 hour hacking and bashing sit down for a break and then it occurs to me that the section will be better run in the other direction. So sections will need renumbering and I’ll try and crack those 3 tomorrow with a reversed loop (assuming I can find it!)



OK, I’ll reverse it then!

Eventually find the “way in”, which was the “way out” after poking myself in the eye 2 weeks ago and of course with watering eye I wasn’t that concerned about marking tape. The NEW trail is cut and is wider and better and will suit everybody, but to cut 100 yards through the maze took 3 hours. Well I’m now at the sections so I should be able to get them cleaned up this afternoon and then be ready for chain sawing in LCC tomorrow.

“Barney’s Rubble” gets cleaned and taped and now its on to find the next section and a way in and out. Find a superb section and then much soul searching and beginner “what ifs” and eventually come to the decision that they will ONLY ride 10 sections on the Sunday and can return from “Barney’s” down the two way trail which has double color marking of red and yellow.



Not a bad little section called “Barney’s Rubble”

I really like the NEW section I found and this will be a ONE line for everybody section. Should get this done on Wednesday morning and then link it over to “Poke in the Eye” which I managed to finish and tape yesterday.

Kirtis from Mancos has a new toy in the form of one of these flying spy drones with the go-pro camera. Might get him to fly the routes and see how the aerial shots look ?

Wednesday morning and its 80F by 0930 but a lot of work to be done on my NEW proposed section which will be called “Musketeers” and as the famous saying goes “all for one and one for all” so, just as it was way back when, a single line section for all with no split cards and beginners don’t ride this one or “Poke in the Eye”.

More jungle clearance and I’m in to the start point. Low branches and oak thickets get the heave-ho and now one more big tree gets removed before the uphill right in loose dirt and sandstone. Good run out areas and this year I’ll settle for the lower exit. After this gets bedded in and in subsequent years there are options for higher exits. Section cleaned, and more loop work to get back to “Poke in the Eye”. Now 2 bottles of Gatorade down, sweating beyond belief it is once again time for something VERY COLD and of an adult variety. Time 1330 and I’m done as its 93F !



From the start of “Musketeers” up to the fir (used to be 2) and turn right in the loose to the exit


From the firs corner up and over the sandstone exiting up by the grey rock (top right)

Well, I like the section so now the last bit of the loop over to “Poke in the Eye” and here we have splits at the rock with 3 liners going right, 2 liners going long way round in the rubble to the left and 1 liners going for a full frontal on the slab and then all wiggling up the exit.



Exit of “Poke in the Eye”

Thursday and time to get back in the creek with that Chainsaw and clear a way through the fallen trees.


Chainsaw time in Lost Canyon Creek

More on the other sections coming soon and the first look at “Saddam” …….. the mother of all graded hills



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