With the jungle clearance completed in Lost Canyon Creek and all the Day 2 sections identified and
cleaned time to move back up on Casey’s Mesa and cut out sections 1-7. Compared to what I have
been dealing with in the Creek this should be relatively easy.

As I work my way back in some trail widening will be the order of the day and hopefully, sooner or later
some of the locals will come out and sample the goods and burn some tire tracks through the booney.
Locals are still keen so maybe next weekend for some riding and a mid week meeting to explain what
ITSA does and how it works.

I estimate over 150 man hours have gone into the mission at this point and there should be another
50 to go in the coming weeks with the final tuning. It has been a challenging affair but the land recce
and knowledge will be invaluable for future events and no doubt reveal some other cracking areas in
the brush that I haven’t yet stumbled into.

Overall every section will have a “name” and people might just remember them if we use them in subsequent events. Right now I need those local riders to ride them in so that I can assess if they
are the standard I’m looking for. So here are the names;


1.    LEWIS  & CLARK

2.    STEPS

3.    BEAR’S DEN



6.    WOODY’S


8.    CAT FACE



11.  4th BRIDGE


The Day 1 Section Nameplates

Today’s plans got the big VETO with a load of black cloud and then the expected thunder and a huge
downpour to follow. So no branch cutting or tree felling today. Try again tomorrow and get out there a
bit earlier in case it does it again. Still raining at 2200 last night but clear this morning so out I go
again and might just tape a few as I go round.

Reasonably successful morning, no bear encounters, and 3 sections cleared with some loop & trail
widening. If the weather plays ball I might get to finish the others this afternoon. The afternoon works
out well with no downpours and 2 more get cut out. I have to say the new brush saw is a superb tool
and gets through some pretty big branches with absolutely no effort…. and it got quite a workout today.

Day 1, Section 1, “Lewis & Clark” enter between these two trees, 4’s over
the log to the left, 2 & 3 cross behind the bush, 1’s over the log towards
the end 

With the branches gone everybody round the tree in descending right
hand turn 

Out of the turn, 4’s straight on just left of the log, jink to the left for 3’s

2’s straight up the rock, 1’s over to the left by the dead tree

Here we are at “Woody’s” or Section 6

Over the dead tree by the friendly piece of sandstone, then left around
the pruned tree. Cross the log somewhere near my bag then bad luck for
1’s crossing the big one! 

Last hazard of Woody’s, ……. no, I cleaned it up with saw and a well aimed
trials boot

4’s to the left, 3’s to the right

2’s left on the multi, 1’s right on the big bit

Above Woody’s is the last section in Casey’s wilderness called Power Lines and this gets the saw in
full action removing some serious limbs as the building unravels.

The start of Section 7 “Power Lines” which will need a lot of clearing and branch removal to make it rideable

Straight up shot for 4’s, 3’s jink to their right after the tree

The 1/2 jink by my feet

1’s come back from the jink and come in front of the first tree and then onwards and upwards. 2’s and 3’s go between the two big trees

Just the final 2 to clear and a little bit of the “improved loop” to finish so if all goes to plan Day 1 will
be complete before the weekend. The sections under the bridge will have to wait for final taping and
cards as I’m sure the schoolkids will tear it all down if I put it up too early.

Met with local man John Hamilton this morning who maybe the link to the Cortez group. John who
has a 76 TL250 and a 2010 Beta came for a looksee around the Saturday sections and a few of the
Sunday offerings. Seems keen, I hope they come out to play and swell the numbers.

Need to get back out there this afternoon and put the finishing touches on the last 2 and some extra
portions of the revised loop as this morning was only a walk round and nothing got done. The post
lunch session goes well, no rain, and the last 2 cut out. All that remains is the intermediate loop from
section 3 around to section 4 where we change direction and then perhaps a different loop exit back
onto the Mesa as my first attempt was a bit bendy.

Another afternoon session on the loop and the first issue is to straighten out the exit portion and find
an easier run out without all the twists and turns. Remove 4 strands of rather nasty barbed wire and
connect the new with the old. Looks good!  Back down to the main sections and try for a simplified
way to avoid 2 way traffic. Sections 2 and 3 run east to west and then 4 and 5 which are also on the
cliff edge run the reverse direction. Another hour of hacking and crashing through the undergrowth
and the tunnel of light finally connects everything…… so well done to me !

The once clear and crystal Dolores River is now a brown muddy mess thanks to the monsoon rains
and mud slides up towards Telluride. The river has come up about 8″ in the last few days so I need
another spectator section just in case I can’t use “Down by the Riverside”

Having improved the way out I think I now need to do the same for the way in. Also need to string
some loop marking up the road and around the mesa. Red tape all the way in and out and a much
better way in after another 5 strands of that wire were cut and removed. Back down to the riverside
sections and despite all the recent rain and run off things still look good.

The new way in

Follow the red !

Time to start putting some ribbons and flags up and get the show ready to ride.



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