Trepidation sets in as I don’t want that awful nausea again! Is the cure better than the disease as these side effects make you think twice?

Wednesday again and that heralds yet another round of chemo. Bitter cold at 4F this morning. just made 14F when i pulled out of the drive at 0920.

Despite all the horrors of the side effects the tumor index has come down to 20 from 29.7 so thankful for small mercies. The dizziness and loss of hearing points me towards the ears and semi circular canals which are part of our balance and orientation system in the body and from all my years flying and understanding aviation medicine this could be the cause.

Just as I remember the lectures

Another cold morning, no surprises there, and no change in the forecast. The hunting jacket that was returned by some whining wimp has sold again without haggling over prices! Next on the Bay will be some of my gortex Spyder Ski Sweaters which really hold their price and maybe one of the funky Christmas sweaters that I don’t wear.

Still. waiting on checks for the TY125 and my nearest and dearest No Excuses Cub.

A great little bike

Only ever got beaten ONCE!!!  must be the bike!

Next was a sudden rather unexpected sale of an expensive Christopher Dawes Harris Tweed all wool hunting jacket with the pleated back and full width bum flap, along with suede elbow and shoulder pads. Bought to go on an expensive Driven Pheasant Shoot but never got to wear it!

What a “Gentleman” wears for the shoot dinner

Never worn as the drinks took over!

Sorry Harris!

Well no matter a little festive decoration for the Roubaix after carrying me 5000.17 miles this year! That makes 16,391.10 as the Total and only leaves 8510.90 to hit the big one. Of course will I make it or will the dreaded big “C” get me first?

A bit of Christmas wrapping as the old tape was giving up the ghost

pretty in chrome

and the end of season clean and polish

No nasty reactions after the last chemo for 2020 so scans on 12/29 and see where we are then and what the Doctors say is next on the menu?





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