My Director gets the dates wrong for the week long Denver trip and this now clashes with the first trials at San Ysidro …. and we can’t get another driver for the trip so I’m forced to miss Rounds 1 & 2.

Day 1 of the mission is all the way to Denver with a stop in Grand Junction to show “them” a university and then after a series of natural breaks we get to the world’s tackiest Mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita!





Seriously tacky!!

It now starts to pour with rain. Finally they are back on board and off to the hotel which this year is a bit further out of Denver on I 25. Pull into the covered portico and notice that one of the giant outside lights is sparking and smoke and flames are coming out of the fixing. With everybody off the bus and in a safe place try and get hotel management motivated to stop the hotel from burning down but the owner will only turn off the power to the lights and refuses to call the fire service !!! Talk about DUMB!




They took the burnt one down !

Colleges, museums, points of interest and a tour round the capitol buildings all interspersed with 13 year old activities and feeding and by Saturday we are turning for home.




Special School Bus ONLY parking in the Capitol

Mission completed in the rain and San Ysidro missed.








Time for the fickle finger to scurry across the keys once more in an effort to catch up on all things other than Go Daddy!  When we left off in a somewhat fractured state I was about 1/2 way through April and still toying with the idea of a trip to San Ysidro and camping out in the Cadi. Well that didn’t happen and I was off on the Denver run with kids a’plenty. A full story on this one coming soon.

April quickly rolls over into May and the 21st looms on the horizon and that marks the end of another school year and then its playing catch up in the garden with a full month of weeding before turning my attention to 24 sections for this years Dolores 2 Day Trial in August.

June sees the first trial of the year for me at Sipapu where I had a less than pleasant ride last year with a couple of crashing falls off the Superglitz and this year wasn’t much better but the full story of this will be coming up soon.

So here we are in July and Turkey Rock is next weekend, am I ready? I can’t really say, beginning to think I might just drop back to INT this year as trials confidence seems to be at an all time LOW and the nagging shoulder injury seems to be getting worse rather than better. As they say “there comes a time”. With Mercury retrograde for most of June a whole load of things just would not go my way and it was one frustration after another but hopefully now she has spun the other way up it will start to come good.

Usual format for the Dolores 2 Day on Aug 9/10, with the first day parade and 2 loops of 15 sections with 9 up on Casey’s land and then repeat the last 6 sections along the river for the spectators. Much talk of trails being cut but as yet zero evidence to support the theory so its the one man band hacking through jungle with clippers and saw again. The only saving grace is that what I cut down last year has not regrown so I’ll save about 3 weeks of trail blazing.

Day 2 is 3 loops of 12 starting from “Honey I’m Home”. A couple over at “Spuds” and 3 up Lost Canyon Creek, The Grassy Knoll gets revisited along with Tin Can Alley and then last year’s graded hill becomes a section as the lead in to …. SADDAM, “the mother of all graded hills!” That leaves 3 or 4 to find next week after fixing more Safari problems and hopefully rebuilding the Cub.

More of all this lot with pictures coming very soon





Hello again, after many weeks in the doldrums it seems we are finally back up and running.  Our good friends at Go Daddy suddenly announced that from mid May they were closing the Quick Blogcast system that I’ve been using for the last 7 years!…….. a deadline was given and all articles (614) would have to be copied and pasted, one by one, into a new all singing and dancing format. Failure to comply will result in losing the whole kit and caboodle !

After many calls to customer service and zero commonality answers it soon became clear that upper Go Daddy management and their tech gurus were not on the same page. Several specialists assured us that no matter what you did ALL pictures would vaporize at change over time unless all 4000+ were individually copied and stored and then reinserted after the shut down. This rapidly became a totally unacceptable situation and now some rather heated telephone calls were the order of the day with little or no resolution taking place in any direction.

New guru assures Brenda he has “the way to go” ……. immediately moves 200 articles from the Blog to the new site and deletes them leaving only the “meta” ……… well you can imagine how pleased I am with all this as I’m now forced to go into Google and find the articles from the cached source and recover them. Working at about a 40 a day rate all 614 are duly copied and pasted ready for the changeover. Next up a change of deadline as clearly many users are not getting it all moved in time and are equally unhappy about the whole deal. More guru stuff and they still think we will lose ALL the pictures…….. the change comes and now the site won’t cancel and another week goes by while that is resolved.

It seems it is all up and running and although there are some strange fonts and weird paragraph constructions everything seems to have gone across apart from readers comments.

So, here we are on Independence Day, back in the saddle, with 2 months of reporting to get up to speed on, and also all the news of the NEW sections I’m planning for this years Escalante Day Trial to be held here in Dolores on Aug 9/10

Bear with me!