If he can do it so can I

Certainly need something to get this show on the road, as every day I seem to be waiting on conditions so maybe a change of plan is needed and perhaps go for an earlier start? Today has rung true to form, warm and windy, a midday start and 18.00 in the bag and now the standard weather alert and believe it or not, yes more high winds!

Better do what I can

No less than 8 Weather Alerts overnight forecasting more doom and gloom, with winds up to 45 mph gusts, for the next few days along with showers and thunderstorms. Despite my personal misery and depression with this non stop wind I am now at 270.10 for the year, but anything over 10 miles a day looks unlikely so I’ll switch my attention to the Jag and see if I can get rid of the fine mist of sap that the tree has dropped on the car. Better find a new parking spot.

Just do what you can!

Guess I’ll go out for a quick 5 miles and then see what the afternoon brings. 10.30 for the lunchtime run in very gusty conditions but if I can get 5 more this afternoon then one more day doing the same will take me through the 300 marker. Well despite some horrendous gusts I make it through the 1/2 way point and finished the day on 17.71 which should give me a bit of wiggle room tomorrow and still pass the 300.

Not much of a wiggle ?

Friday, wet and windy! Not much happening today and not even a Plan B of car cleaning as the rain has knocked that on the head. Now to add yet more misery to the mix a WINTER WEATHER ALERT for 4-8″ of wet snow above 10,000′ but we should be good at 7000′ and its only 21st of May!

More Chemo horrors

1330 and off the Zoom call to the Hospital and Dr Cathcart says take another month off and we will try something else in the next round or you have about 6 months left if you elect not to do any more chemo! Can’t say I’m too impressed with that but it does come as quite a shock being told the stark reality and the life and death situation. Time will tell. In the interim try some new form of blood test, but I have to go over to Durango to get it done, as only “they” have the test kit.

Quite so

Saturday, and no change in the wind forecast with 45 mph gusts from the South. When I say I’m tired of this it’s a bit of an understatement. No rain in the forecast but very overcast so expect the worst and hope for the best.

Just sold a back wheel brake plate and shoes but the bloody Post Offices (both of them) are out of the correct mailing boxes that the buyer has paid for! Quick last chance search and I found one I must have missed. Now all I need to do is polish up the plate and send it off on Monday.

Now the question is can I get a few miles in today? Remember every one you do today is 1 less for tomorrow. The answer to that question was an emphatic NO! weather was unreal and never let up all day. A ton more Weather Alerts for more wind up to 55mph gusts from fast moving thunderstorms with pea size hail. Didn’t see any of that but it sure was a miserable day!

Sunday and after 2 wasted days and zero miles in the log I just had to get out there, which I finally did, knocking up another 14.65 with the intention of doing more in the afternoon.

Only 14.65 but I’m through 300

That didn’t happen either as I spent 2 hours cleaning tree sap and muck off the Jag. Well no matter I’m through the 300 marker so now chasing the “4” on this very slow start to the year.

Not my colors but beware the caution

Another Weather alert before bedtime, this time something new, a Freeze Warning ! ….. and its pretty cold this morning but at the moment no wind. Eight days left in the month and a minimum of 100 miles to go. Temp has crept up to 47F, off we go. Wind mainly from the North but swinging about. Out to the 9.5 marker and back towards town. A double 2 miles loop just outside town and I’m home for 24.25 which is a good start. Dog feeding and walking complete, now move the Jag to it’s new spot and time for lunch. My friend the wind has increased but I hope I can get the extras to get over the 30 hump.

Winds from all directions but more bloody determination and they keep clicking over and the day is done at 1700 on the watch and 36.05 on the odometer! Pleased with that, target distance achieved.

Looking at the totals, with yesterday’s score I’m at 338.51 for the month and year and 16,729.61 for the round trip.

Can he make it ?



Off we go again

So at close of play Monday night I was at 338.51 in the never ending saga of cycling around the Equator. Although I got an impressive 5000 miles last year, this year, I must confess has been a struggle every day fighting winds and weather along with depression, lack of energy, and desperate feelings of mortality. Probably true that there will not be too many tears shed, if any, on this side of the Atlantic come the day of the author’s passing. Now suicide is a crime but electing not to continue with chemo is now a 5 month death sentence should that be the way ahead.

Maybe a new outfit for this year?

Yesterday was another visit to Durango for the special blood test and a load more pin pricks to find a vein as for some reason they can’t use the “port”. Eventually after two nurse’s attempts we have blood!

Tuesday had been pretty good as the ailing cyclist banged in another 36.45 for the day. Post hospital visit in almost wind free conditions the target of 25.40 pushed the total through the 400 marker and with 5 days left in the month the 500 banner now comes into view.

Almost the end of May and I’m still in thermals!

Thursday, a no rush day, so I’ll be off very shortly aiming for 20 in part 1 and then another 5 or so later this afternoon. Morning run complete on 22.66 so target for the day well within reach.

Down in the FEMORAL zone

Problems like a hernia ? could be the soma playing up, anyhow after the pain subsided I was off again and topped out at 31.46

Target done and a few extra

Morning chores nearly complete with a couple of sales and now off to Post Office and collect my lawn mower after its first service in 5 years! Then it will be a similar ride sequence as I did yesterday. Seems VERY warm out there this morning, maybe the first day for shorts? Before that need a new patch over the lower soma which is leaking from where all the pressure was yesterday ?

Morning run goes well with 24.83 in the bag in warm pleasant conditions and marks the first day in shorts for the pasty body. whatever next!!! I was going to have a beer at the brewpub but my plans on same got changed due to my apparent inability to converse with people without boring them witless. That seems to be for just about anything I say these days, and any story from my miserable past or military service, is dismissed, and quite frankly I don’t really care, as I know exactly where I stand for the rest of my shortened life. So as the place was busy, and having no wish to upset people, I continued the ride ending up on 38.72 for the day and 470.54 overall. 500 should come and go before the end of the month, but I probably won’t!

Also very true, but there are other truths in here as well!

Saturday 29th May which has now become “Hanging Basket Day” and an early start for me polishing a brake plate which sold overnight. In the post, and 3.06 completed on the run to the “PO”

The Famous Five all in place
A closer look
All in place
A good crop
Strange what grows on Maples ?

7 baskets in all, 5 of the flowering variety and 2 tomato baskets which are now on the maple tree. First session of weeding completed in the driveway around the trash dumpster, and the unsightly mess of weeds around the rose bed. Got my ‘Jesus” blister back in one fell swoop!

First session of weeding and the “Jesus Blister” is back!

Delivery by Amazon

Ride shortened due to gardening but 15.32 for the day and 485.86 for the month so hopefully I’ll be through 500 with 2 days to go.

Sunday and a standard start at around 1100 but the strange unexpected winds are from the East and not to my liking as they are sapping all my energy until I turn round and then 20 mph is easy. Just get through the 13 mile point when I get the first puncture of the year. No matter push it home, new tube, and off again and up to 17.67 before other duties call. Well that was enough to crack the 500, so with one day left I’m at 503.53 for the month.

Target met

Strimmer reloaded and fresh fuel for all outside machinery collected from our dumb gas station. Better not BORE you with their dumbness but I paid cash for TWO gallons and gave the dummy $7.00 and I’m waiting for my change ….. nothing! She now tells me she doesn’t know the cost by the gallon!!!



1/2 way through the month and a few more miles as the second half looms. Monday, 17th, and 234.09 for the year. New cycling helmet from “Rudy” should arrive today and I’m now back up to 3 to replace the older 3 sold on ebay.

Yes, it needs a “Union Jack” and some ones name, but it should go well with the new winter and spring suits I’ve been using. Better get into shorts this week and stop being a wimp and get some sun on the legs!

Good looker and will go well with my new suits

Useful Spring Outfit
Full thermal
It arrived, good fit, time for a few “Brit” mods

Strange day, clouded over looked like it was going to rain but eventually the wind has now dropped, contemplating a mini ride but might give it a rest day for the legs. Nothing happened and the rest of the week is thunderstorms and showers and of course yet more high winds. This Global Warming and a low jet stream over the US are screwing everything!

Today its another blood session at 1200 which screws the whole day, but you never know, it might improve but I doubt it as it’s very windy and overcast. Just been into town for the blood work. Don’t see any thunderstorms only a light drizzle but that infernal wind is way up.

A very determined effort at 1500 and I’m off downtown for an extra 3 miles before the rain arrives and I just get home! About one hour later I’m back out there for a total of 7.5 which isn’t that much but it’s 7.5 more miles that most of you achieved!

Got to do better! Crap weather all this week



The nice little puppy

Here we are, maybe 8 weeks old and about 8 -10lbs, however our Vet says it could have Anatolian Shepherd or German Shepherd genes and could grow to 70lbs ! so about this size at 4 months

So far so good!

Then as we progress it will be like this one at about 2 years

Very nice ……… but if there are other genes ?????

So apart from those joys to come, today the intention is to GET OUT THERE and get some miles now that my hernia misery is over!

Not quite so good as I was late out of the gate. Only 12.35 in some nasty winds, although it was fairly warm but at least some got done and in this game there is always tomorrow.

Too windy today!!

With progress this slow on the world cruise, I guess I can stand back and be thankful that what I thought was a hernia seemed to be no more than a very painful blockage that came and went. I had visions of being in surgery and whatever that involved. Many thanks to the Universe for sorting that out. Just shows how frail we are. Warm and windy as you would expect with yet another Weather Alert for strong winds, what a surprise, but I made 23.19 further round the globe so can’t complain.

A bit better today

My intention is to get 50+ miles this weekend if that bloody wind will give me a break but of course that may not happen! Some good progress today with 31.45 for Saturday and a bonus of getting the gazebo up again + I managed to cut the grass and remove the Russian Vine dead foliage.

Sunday morning and the wind from the South ? Bit strange normally East becoming West. Currently swung round and now West. Warmish, so better get out there while conditions are good. Weight now seems to be stabilizing at about 168. Currently on track for 400 this month but I would like a few more, if I and the weather can get our act together.

Odd ball winds all day but I pushed on and hit 32.75 for the day and achieved my target. Well now we are 1/2 way through the month and looking for the 400 target which sounds reasonable at this point.

64 miles for the weekend, that’s more like it

Need to do a few things on the Jag today with some boot/trunk things and try my “super polish” and see if it really is that good.

A few treats in store

More on this as it continues ………



Here we go into Mother’s Day Weekend with hanging baskets to be selected, the Sunday brunch, more wild arsed weather the awful wind that seems to be constant this year and vicious cold today.

I thought I would bang in a few more miles but today was just too much as the wind was every whichway, bloody cold and thoroughly unpleasant without ever being a tailwind. Only just made it home before it came onto rain.

Sunday, warm outside but cold in the house. Not seeing any riding in the horoscope for today, brunch first at the Cider Eporium with a nice quiche and then post dogs down to 4 Seasons to see how the hanging baskets are doing and what will grace the front of Cozy.

Cider Eporium

Unlike last year when the toilet paper hoarders had ransacked Walmart they then turned their attention on gardening and bought out hanging baskets and annuals. Needless to say Feb/Mar are NOT planting months in Colorado and they all died (plants that is) and they came back for more! This year we still have a great stock so there will be plenty come planting time at the end of the May.

With the new puppy and the infernal winds my cycling seems to have ground to a stop. Maybe today I’ll get some done but this year is hard work and I’m still very much down on energy. I need to convince myself that there is “Something” to look forward to in the future because right now I’m not seeing it. Everything I do I’m having to force myself into and now my blog has decided to present itself in a totally different format which makes it unacceptable to me and I’m unable to get it back to what I was using. getting to be too much for me I think I’ll be taking it in to the experts.

THE FIRST 100 OF 2021

Bang on time

Wednesday, and Brenda recovery day from Durango after her week in LA with son Phil. During her absence I dragged myself out with the Roubaix and clocked up 84.41 in my first 4 day rides of 2021.

Back from Durango with everything running on time, winds getting stronger and stronger so any ride will be later on if it abates. Well the winds got worse and another non event for the impatient cyclist so try again tomorrow.

Ebay seems to have come to a halt, either I’m not selling what people want, or they are looking for freebies, amazing number of low ball offers which of course I have rejected. Bloody cheek!

I would like to crack the 100 mile banner today to feel I have achieved my starting surge. Still down on energy and power but some slight improvement overall and weight coming back up due to all the cakes and dough nuts.

Morning ride quite pleasant, windy yes, but warm also, and another 24.84 miles, the longest run this year, are all recorded. See how the afternoon goes. Quick check and the thermometer says 84F ??? Can’t believe it but closer inspection says pleasantly warm and if this continues I might see myself riding in shorts tomorrow rather than thermals. afternoon goes well in the almost summer conditions and I finish the day on 37.36, my second 30+ day of the 5 that I have ridden. Tomorrow the forecast is those bloody strong winds again so not so many but you never know up here. That brings the 2021 total up to 121.75 for the first 5 days of the mission.

37.36 not bad!

New arrival in the house ……. a puppy! Brenda could not resist, so far a happy little soul, make unknown, another “Heinz 57”

“I am the dog of light follow me”

Seems Warm enough, no wind yet, so maybe get some done today although I need to clean the Jag as all the cats have been climbing over it and it looks like a spotted leopard.

The Very Rare spotted Jaguar

Jen, the Vet, has just been giving shots to all and tells us it is in fact a “Heinz” with maybe a Aus Shepherd as the majority share holder in the genes and it could grow to 70lbs. Currently only about 8 weeks old and was not doing to well as the mother wasn’t feeding them, but no signs of lack of appetite.

All the injections done

I shall be interested to see how big she gets, just a little fluff bundle at the moment but very sweet and seems to have settled in immediately with Mercury and Midnight. Full of love, and now its playtime and testing everything to see what is chewable, nearly time for more food and then another sleep after the duty walk which she is getting used to.

Onto the weekend!




Off we go again!

Yes, last day of April and time to get back in the saddle so let’s pump up the tires, give the bike a once over and take a refresher ride after 5 months off. Not really sure how my balance and strength are so I’ll be using ordinary shoes as I don’t want any wobbles with feet locked in the cleats!

Nearly ready, animals fed and walked, better check the odometer is still working, after all it recorded 5000 miles last year and I won’t be surprised if the batteries are shot. Wind still fair for Mission1, NASA says it’s a go!

Not too bad, 12.56 miles in the 2020 book, and warmer than I had expected, a little windy but overall quite pleasant. Adding what I did today means I bounce into May with 16,403.66 of the required total of 24,902

Back home to an inquiry on the most expensive cycling suit I just listed.

Great outfit, hope it sells

Hopefully some more miles in the next few days to get back with the program and get some strength back to push those pedals……….     REMEMBER ……..

Mayday! well not that sort I hope and again quite warm and no significant wind, but tomorrow not so good. Better get out there and pile up a few more before the wind starts. morning run goes well with another 18.53 in the books and maybe a few more this afternoon, but the wind is increasing!

My earlier talk of batteries was heard by my watch who has just put up the symbol so looks like a trip into town on Monday to do the 2 yearly replacement.

Sunday and more of this cycling stuff with another 22.43 for the morning run as we are under the SEVERE WEATHER alert for more strong winds! Not quite as bad as forecast so I might venture out one more time, need some Nyquil as it seems to be the only thing that helps me stay asleep. Ton of things to watch tonight so might be a good idea to get ready early for Moto GP and then F1 and a dose of American Idol.

Monday and a gloomy forecast with 80% rain and thunderstorms! Into town to kick the day off and into the first shower. Get the new battery for the watch and onto UPS as someone else is interested as the other cheapskate pulled out! Trials boots are anywhere from $250-400 and you are getting a second hand pair of Sidis for $25 ??

A little in town shopping and home again for dog feeding and walking. No sooner get that done than the thunderstorm arrives in all it’s glory with everything in Mother Nature’s armoury with snow, hail and torrential rain. Temps down to 40F from yesterday’s 75F so now everything is sopping wet and a NO RIDING DAY for sure, but of course now there is no wind!

Tuesday, thunderstorms are gone, one or two huge puddles and a bit cooler but with promises of 63F. Should get a few this morning. OK, off I go trying for about 20, and then maybe more this afternoon! It all goes to plan and 30. 80 goes in the books despite a Northerly wind.

First day in “SKY” old colors and first day in the 30’s

Cold enough (for me) to need a top coat

Just found the matching Santic outfit that goes with this top thermal coat, well pleased!


Wednesday, and a run to Durango  to pick up Brenda from her trip to see Phil.  Not seeing much on the riding front today as the pick up time is midday so that screws a morning and afternoon ride!