So the blog refuses to let me in ? and punches up over 300 new user registrations a day on my email which I don’t need, or wish to see. It appears this is all malicious spyware but we get that sort of resolved but I can’t get through to family or friends. The struggle continues.

See if I can find my way back to the Gates

Almost there, strange nobody on duty? Oh well, try round the back
Big queue here!
Bloody Internet!! Just like all the trouble mine is giving me!!

The NEW morphine pain pills actually work, just wish they could find me a sleep pill that works as well. Other household and estate issues get dealt with and Safari is now re-winterized despite my running eyes and other frustrations. Next, and maybe last Jaguar problem is the Battery which won’t hold a charge for longer than a week, always something!

This could take some time!

No matter training continues for humans and animals alike and Midnight the black cat is left with Peter after I promised to resolve my password issues.

Continuing with cats, I had better get the Camelot outfit on again as the cat needs medication

Or sweetness and light can turn into this!

Dog training also continues as you can see

A lot of work!
Roll on !



If you have a Labrador and a new book this could easily happen to you. Including the wine disaster

My Hospice Counsellor sent me over a book that she thought I should read called “Being Mortal”. I read 25 odd pages and then it started depressing me as it discussed what happens to those left behind and their ongoing problems with old age and feeling alone.

Of course it discussed all the disasters of the past when caring for the old and those in failing health. Not exactly a cheery subject but I have continued and in some ways feel that perhaps a terminal illness is at least a slightly better way to go rather than hanging on for many years to come. Perhaps that was her idea, or a kind way of showing me it can always be worse!!

Ian, my Hospice Chaplain, let me borrow his bible as I try to learn how to pray after all these years. I had the standard religious upbringing in the UK which in our village was “Church of England” Sunday school and member of the choir etc, all the normal Church activities over Christmas and Easter, and then Friday night Youth Club in my teens. A very short gap working on a local farm before joining the RAF on March 2nd 1964 for Officer and Aircrew Training.

By my birthday Officer Training is complete and time for a little break at home until the next phase kicks in. A chance to get the “Photo” for Mother, it was the least I* could do after all she had done for me.

The first of my next selection of books arrived on Tuesday and I’m into it with more books arriving this week.

2 books on their way, currently reading “Answers about the Afterlife” and waiting on “Spirited ” by Stockwell

A whole load of hassle with the computer which was eventually resolved remotely by running a load of spyware to remove the infection, whatever that may have been ?

Cats remain demanding while the Canine community are having some upcoming “Paternity Suits” demanding things pets!

The evidence is overwhelmingly strong in favor of the wronged and not even that Dipshit Rudy Guiliani could persuade any court otherwise despite his mob of absurd Trump Supporters


Dalmatian or Damnation!


Time to go and see Sir Cumference again about the flat battery issue again but he was out doing some Fall harvesting of numbers to solve all the riddles of circles and globes, and with his next project PY, hoping to dismiss the flat earth society.

Seems the Jaguar needs to be driven more often or I’ll be recharging it on a very regular basis. 3.1416 I’m told. Sound advice and I’m finally checking the GFCI and of course that had tripped and now all is well! Time to put on the nice shining armor and ride back to my own castle

Now what else did Mummy say ?
As I understand it, I get to see her soon, but there was something else?

Honest Mum, it’s RUST from the armor!!!
The 4th Road Bridge in Fall with the Street lights still on

One can only assume its not as profitable

Just finished a 2 hour session with my Chaplain Ian and at least it was good to be able to talk with someone and point me in the right direction with my next phase of spiritual learning. He even let me borrow his Bible.

Yesterday was the first snowstorm of the season, YUK! and a small test fire was laid and enjoyed

A few knock on effects from the storm on the sleep front
and of course “midnight” the black cat was having problems with the gate
Always at the ready, best remember to tell Noah
Never had that problem on the Safari. Happy Days



For those not familiar with Earthly Coordinates we are on a parallel just above the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea at Gibraltar

510.47 miles to complete the 1 lap circumnavigation of the Earth at Parallel 37.65N. Assuming no increase in the misery of cancer I should complete this reduced task by early November if the body will still comply with the owner’s requests.

Lovely thoughts

A pleasant visit from the Hospice Counsellor who lives just up the road from me, when I had finished my discourse on my thoughts of Oncology she told me that she hears the same saga and anger from many other cancer patients who have been thrown out in the trash just like me.

Here we go again!

Odd sort of day weather wise with high winds and gusts above 30 mph and then rain and thunderstorms to follow. With all the recent rain plus full irrigation on the hanging baskets one pulled its hanger off the balcony so I must redo that, but without the wind!

It fell in the Whisky Barrel and no damage
Very lucky!

Also as the driveway has been a source of major puddles for the last week causing a lot of settling on one irrigation trench and the pipe has come back to the surface. Try a little deeper this time!

Bit chilly outside to start work so I’ll wait a couple of hours and then get on it. Meanwhile the dogs are still complaining, the owls find it all a bit amusing and the cats just do what cats do.

Not happy!
Always a way
Happy again
Don’t think this will work out too well

More of what we all need

Very, very trueI
If only

Time to move onto those other animals who we work tirelessly for and in return they tolerate us!

and then we can play, “I wanna go out, I wanna come in”
Then I’ll go out to start the game

Hide and Seek time!
It’s one of my tricks I learnt while working for the circus
You crack me up!



They got the forecast right!

Dismal weather forecast for the week with a 60% chance of rain every day and temps down about 10 degrees. Could be difficult watching TV as these ineffective pain pills do not let me sit down for any length of time.

1600 and the rain and thunderstorms finally arrived so now its wet and even more miserable. Dogs are saying no thanks to walking invitations.

Love it!

Yesterday’s deluge and thunderstorms did not turn up until 0600 this morning and then they made up for it with a bang and a short burst of torrential rain.

Hospice visit, more pills, and the once over check up, so I should make it through the night. Good change to the pills by upping the sleep pills to 3. First 2 lasted until 0230 and then take 1 more which saw me through to 0600 for a reasonable night’s sleep. Pain pills now doubled up, 2 every 6 hours.

Chances of surviving ZERO! The name for this team must be Obesity and maybe swimsuits don’t come in their sizes as nobody brought one with them!!!

Just been watching “Survivor”, which I used to enjoy, but this collection of contestants is the dumbest bunch of fuckers ever assembled for a game show and almost rivals children’s TV awful “Big Brother”

2 weeks in and we have a few bamboo poles, but they are bored with that already

Totally incapable of doing anything! No survival skills whatsoever, overweight and unfit, and here we are two episodes in and not one of the three tribes has built a shelter yet.

No, that is NOT a swimsuit and your chances of balancing are remote!
If you want to get ashore no amount of paddling will get you there if you have not unclipped your boat from it’s mooring!!!!!

They can’t make fire, have NO IDEA how to use a machete, and either just flop about or spend their entire time searching for idols. Not even good tv!

A couple of rain free days on the horizon but then another 3 day sequence of showers and thunderstorms. Today just might be a cycling day? A few miles go in the book in coolish conditions with that bitter wind again. Skies are getting darker and it eventually can’t resist a few showers to close out the week. Meanwhile more dog discussions over who owns what