3000 X 3

So here we go having cracked 3000 miles for the third time in the magic journey around the Equator! This mission for those of you that have lost track, or couldn’t give the proverbial, started out with a nasty bout of pneumonia back in September 2015 with the cold that would not go away. Eventually it was diagnosed as Pneumonia and I was given antibiotics to sort it out. ……. Then a visit to “The Lung Specialist” who puts me on an inhaler and night time oxygen.


Last couple of Class Wins at Turkey Rock before the Pneumonia attack

A very clear explanation of “where I’m at” and life expectancy, as I have COPD Stage 3 ……. needless to say I ask the questions and I’m told the next phase is END PHASE!    Good enough he said “I hear what you say” and with that stubbed out the last cigarette of his life on 11/11/15

The END of that!

Cycling time!

Here we go, 3/28/16 and the journey begins

How to recover ? well clearly there is a need for more oxygen, so how is that going to be achieved ?  Let’s try some cycling, always good for the cardio even up here at 7000′ ……. so after much wheezing, coughing, and productive coughing up of all matter and colored liquids from the lungs cycling begins and runs through 2016 during which I return to said Doctor who tells me he,  (an ardent mountain biker himself) has never seen a recovery like it in 15 years of his practice …….. he tells me I’m now COPD Stage 1, and a few months later, after my next visit, I’m off oxygen and the inhaler.

No more night time oxygen

No more inhaler, no more ash tray either!

2016 finishes up around Thanksgiving as the snow is now on the ground and its getting dark and cold. However, at the end of this first year of cycling 2031.22 was on the odometer and as with any person involved with competitive sports the question is “how do I improve on this?”

The answer became a Specialized S Works Roubaix and 2017 became easier with the lightweight (16 lbs) machine although a few changes were needed to the gear ratios, seat and riding position. Riding continued to Thanksgiving when once again Snow closed Play for the year on 3602.09

First time passing 3000 miles on a bicycle at 7000′

The S Works wonder bike

A few mods here

The Infinity seat …… highly recommended 

The mind flashes back to RAF and aviation and Google refreshes the memory that the circumference of The Oblate Spheroid is 24,902 statute miles, not nautical. Well whoever’s miles they are it’s still a bloody long way! That now becomes the goal and the question is can I do it in my lifetime ?

24 x 1038  = 24,902 


Along comes 2018, and not quite so cold or as much snow so cycling begins early and 986.22 is done by the end of March. Steady  stuff on the cold and windy days that herald spring in the mountains but I stick with it until the Saturday after Thanksgiving when the white stuff comes back  …… finish year 3 on 4644.30 which now gives the global total 10,277.61

As I enter 2019 I can’t help but feel as though I should be somewhat slimmer after all these pedaling miles so, once more into the good old Nutri-system Diet to get down from about 210 lbs to circa 190 which would be nice. About the same time I get signed up with a local Physician which in the past in the RAF I have never needed and indeed I have been blessed with good health all my adult life until the pneumonia/COPD debacle of 2015.

Some of the weight falls off, but its constant snow, making up for the previous year’s drought. It even snows on the last day of school 5/23/19 !!! Little is happening on the pedal front and my targets and expectations are reducing on a weekly basis.

Although I’ve lost a few pounds I’m severely troubled by night time gas! …… this eventually requires a Doctor visit and I’m scheduled for the flue brush treatment of the jolly colonoscomy  ……. which didn’t take long as I had STAGE 4 COLON CANCER ……. fantastic! With all the fun of the operation, plus 12 sessions of Chemo poison which knocks you sideways for 5 days cycling was a very hit miss affair and I only managed 1113.32 for the year. I didn’t have any trouble with the diet as what Nutri-system didn’t shift Chemo poison will move just like that! …… so since then I’ve been bouncing along at 172.4 for this current year.

Seems everything to do with my “Cycling” has a bloody great “C” in it  as it all started with “COPD” and the “Circumference” then it moved on to “CANCER of the COLON” and “Chemo” ! ….. and now the current big “C” is of course “COVID” and the halfwit “Clown” supposedly in charge of it.

Looks to me as though the rest of this year will not feature a school bus, due to the Pandemic, as with my personal “high risk” situation it would be exceedingly foolhardy to even attempt it until a vaccine is found.

Well of course that leaves plenty of time to get those miles, weather permitting, and continue with the never ending weeding. Another 2.5 days this week but I did get out there yesterday afternoon and the big total is now 3026.68 which I would like to see 3200 by the end of the month. Overall, the total for the mission is now  a solid 14,417.61











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  1. Much better! BTW, your form is perfect in that second photo! So many people, including myself when I started riding and competing in trials way back decades ago “hug the tank” with their knees not letting the bike have room to move around below them.

  2. I used to be very pleased to seek out this web-site.I needed to thanks in your time for this excellent read!! I definitely having fun with each little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

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