If you have a Labrador and a new book this could easily happen to you. Including the wine disaster

My Hospice Counsellor sent me over a book that she thought I should read called “Being Mortal”. I read 25 odd pages and then it started depressing me as it discussed what happens to those left behind and their ongoing problems with old age and feeling alone.

Of course it discussed all the disasters of the past when caring for the old and those in failing health. Not exactly a cheery subject but I have continued and in some ways feel that perhaps a terminal illness is at least a slightly better way to go rather than hanging on for many years to come. Perhaps that was her idea, or a kind way of showing me it can always be worse!!

Ian, my Hospice Chaplain, let me borrow his bible as I try to learn how to pray after all these years. I had the standard religious upbringing in the UK which in our village was “Church of England” Sunday school and member of the choir etc, all the normal Church activities over Christmas and Easter, and then Friday night Youth Club in my teens. A very short gap working on a local farm before joining the RAF on March 2nd 1964 for Officer and Aircrew Training.

By my birthday Officer Training is complete and time for a little break at home until the next phase kicks in. A chance to get the “Photo” for Mother, it was the least I* could do after all she had done for me.

The first of my next selection of books arrived on Tuesday and I’m into it with more books arriving this week.

2 books on their way, currently reading “Answers about the Afterlife” and waiting on “Spirited ” by Stockwell

A whole load of hassle with the computer which was eventually resolved remotely by running a load of spyware to remove the infection, whatever that may have been ?

Cats remain demanding while the Canine community are having some upcoming “Paternity Suits” demanding things pets!

The evidence is overwhelmingly strong in favor of the wronged and not even that Dipshit Rudy Guiliani could persuade any court otherwise despite his mob of absurd Trump Supporters


Dalmatian or Damnation!

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