C’mon daylight

Looks like my hands are in for a rest after all the weeding and planting of those Mums. But as we know you no sooner finish one project and now its back to mowing and strimming.

Should get another load of firewood today and maybe another bike ride if I’m feeling up to it.

Load 5 collected and stacked in this very warm weather, I know he never stops complaining, too hot, too windy, too cold! Into town and Walmart still have the mums so another batch are picked up as they are such good value at $5.97 a plant. These are planned to go in my old seed bed by the Maple where I planted radish and lettuce in previous years, but I don’t have enough teeth left to eat radish these days!! The bed does have irrigation so at least I don’t have to water them.

Some sleep last night without any pills, but I was getting to a point where some changes needed to be made. No fear of the dark but painful for the bum which kept waking me up.

You may remember our Lions who were unimpressed with the tofudebeest and not keen on spamalopes either. Well as the tourists were, like me, past their shelf life, they have turned their attention to a herd of sheep.

Look a bit wiry to me, desperate measures!

Saturday, the watering ritual is complete, next plant the new mums and mow the lawn, finally add a few miles to the annual total.

Still in their pots, but this will be the layout

Sounds easy but I had forgotten I hadn’t used this bed in the last two years and Mr Maple had taken over and spread his roots throughout. Two hours of digging, cutting and pulling and I have a full bucket’s worth of roots of all sizes and I’m finally able to get planting.

A lot of hard work getting the Maple roots out
2 hours and a bucket full

Too warm, energy way down, after the root removal but I get the bike out for a short ride to show willing and remind the body we are still fighting even at times when it feels like a lost cause.



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