A wet night

Looks like we had quite a bit of rain overnight but drying up as I write. Not sure what my plans are but it may include a two part ride to knock off a few more miles. Might dead head the roses again as there are plenty of new buds coming.

I’ll huff and I’ll puff

Car goes in tomorrow for that “check engine” annoying light and finally I’ve accepted that I better get that fuel door fixed. Must have been the respray job that kicked me into gear!

Took a little ride but it was windy and unpleasant and the wind was decidedly chilly. Not much done here but I’m not riding to survive!

That sums it up!

Monday and the car goes in while I quickly read my book. 2 hours and it’s done but the paying is difficult as their card reader does not ask for a pin and UK cards won’t function without those magic numbers …… bloody ridiculous!!

Not sure how to deal with this problem, my bank says there isn’t a problem but a series of “Declined” or “invalid” is very embarrassing .

Cold and I mean very cold as the overnight temp went down to 31F compared to the 50F we had been used to. No matter, it’s Load 9 today after another round of sorting out debit and credit cards! Back, unloaded and stacked, not sure what the tonnage for this load was but it was bloody heavy as the wood is “green”. Two more loads max, and then I’m finished logging, maybe forever? but certainly for 2021. Should be able to get back to some cycling and if this weather continues it will be thermals to combat this chilly wind.

The forecast said another night near freezing but the lowest I saw all night was 39F and it subsequently warmed up to 80F while I was out logging for Load 10. All stacked and no more room at this time so I can get back on other activities.

Load 10, home and stacked! No more room
Last few pieces (1/2 load) added to the Great Wall of Dolores

Perhaps time for some humor amid all life’s other setbacks, well how about that chicken ? The saga was brought home to me by one of facebook trials riders who gets his eggs from a local farm in the UK and a few surprises with Double Yokers! My Grandad, WWI sniper, and then full time gamekeeper, had chickens and periodically they would lay the “Double Yoker” haven’t seen one in the US but here we have it>

Not one but two!

Clearly the Chicken Police need to get to the bottom of this

“So what’s with all these double yokers ? The same could be asked of a particular wine ?

I’ll take a case!!

Haven’t had my daily rant about Chemo yet so here is a thought from an Oncology class sponered by the Big Pharma $200 Billion Industry

90% failure rate in ALL Cancer Treatments

A visit from the Hospice Team and a load of form filling as the end gets ever closer. But they do have a counsellor who lives locally who I can have a rant with and maybe release some of this pent up anger. Pain pills seem to be ineffective, sleeping pills seem to be working as advertised, a lot of discomfort with the “bag” which could be constipation?

Getting to be too chilly for shirt and shorts!

Managed a ride yesterday and even though all thermometers showed about 74F the wind from a westerly direction was cold, and I mean , bloody cold. If I ride today it will be thermals!


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