September 15th

A much improved night’s sleep and definitely a feeling of more energy, a few more nights like this and I could be back on my game.

“Big Wheel keep on turning”

Having lost the first half of the month to gardening, logging, and lack of sleep, it was the day to get out there and hit the pedals again, albeit at the new rate to make the 37th Parallel once round of 19,262.00 . With only 626.97 to go to what may be my finishing line I set off and took a gentle 21.74 off the target. More new pills for pain arrive, but this time WITHOUT the side effects so come bedtime I give them a try.

Another respectable 7 hours, getting to like this!
Couldn’t bear to see it like this!
Poor Jaguar
Never a word about this from the dealership!!!

Energy levels building, a lot of “things” happening today! Jaguar respray done so must pick that up and also get another daytime running light for the Cadillac from the same dealer who is doing the respray.

Here we are at last!

1300 and a planned visit from the Hospice nursing team to fill me in on all the missing details of what happens as I get closer to the “Pearly Gates”. Then another medical zoom meeting with Julie, my N.P. at 1430. It does seem they are beginning to “care” a little more of late rather than the “chuck him on the scrap heap attitude”

Unseen footage!!!!

In other good news my daughter, Sally, has just got engaged and I hope she will be very happy after all her past problems. She NOW tells me this was 4 YEARS ago but Faceplant have only just put it up!!! Well congratulations anyway as I didn’t know or had forgotten!!!!!!!

Yes, you can now reclaim your “SUPER” title
The “Trunk” in American or “Boot” where I come from
Fabulous job!
Pride of ownership restored!

Into town and pick up the running light and collect the Jaguar which indeed is once again the “Super” model it once claimed. The body man said it was a beautiful car and I thanked him profusely for a superb job. Worth every penny of the $775 to be rid of the unsightly roof damage. Start it up and the normal check engine light has gone out!

Louis XIV palace at Versailles

With all the visits complete, just time to mow the lawn and strim all the edges up by the road. The mums are causing me a little grief as they are struggling to retain enough water to flourish. If I’m around when their planting is due again I’ll keep them in their pots, a bit like Louis XIV did at Versailles when the French Nutter said he wanted to see a NEW garden EACH Morning. The gardeners waited until he was in his chamber and moved all the potted plants to their new locations while he slept. Too late for that in my case so I’ll be making some “bore holes” so the water can get into the root balls.

Personally I’ve just finished planting up the hillside behind the house which turned out well this year.
8.5 hours of actual sleep!
Energy tanks set to REFILL!

Friday once more, and the energy tanks are refilling with another 8.5 hours of meaningful sleep. Bit cooler this morning at 44F but when it warms up another load of firewood and then hopefully another 20 miles on the highways and byways of downtown Dolores.

Load 8, all Aspen, loaded and stacked and maybe another 2 loads to go which I suspect will also be fresh Aspen, but there is enough time for it to dry out before the “burn” begins. Energy levels still seem good so I’m thinking more miles this afternoon.

Off I go again

Out on the road again around 1600 and 18.88 shows up on the odometer leaving 586.35 to 1 lap of the globe at this latitude. Hopefully about another 50 miles over the weekend if there are no setbacks. Tomorrow is another “how many mechanics to change a headlight bulb routine?” No logging as the woodyard is closed and none on Monday either as I’m taking the Jag in to get the last 2 annoying problems fixed

Remove this annoyance on Monday!

No1 the annoying “Check Engine Light” which is an oxygen sensor in the exhaust system. It has ZERO effect on actual performance and might just be the sensor itself.

No2 which is the fuel door opening switch which wasn’t working when the car was delivered and you have to attach a rope behind the carpet in the boot/trunk to make it work.

Something like this!


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