END OF 2013

END OF 2013

END OF 2013

The clock ticks ever onward to the turn of the year and I have one more week off to enjoy for the School’s
Christmas Break. It really has been a super time, Christmas turns out to be one of the best on many fronts
and if all goes as planned this last week will be just as good as last.

Today the Cadi gets a birthday service to help her run smoothly through these tough winter months, and
then towards the end of the week a new set of rubber to stay on the road. As we haven’t really had any big
dumps of snow as yet I fear it is only just around the corner.

New Year’s Eve and we are hosting our party at the house and Brenda has another Dangerous Cocktail
called the “Candy Cane”. The contents I didn’t see as being something that would go well together but a
test drive proved me wrong! Crushed candy canes go round the rim of a glass and the contents are mixed
in the shaker. Crème De Menthe, Strawberry Vodka and topped off with cranberry juice, and for that little
extra another candy cane hooked on the glass.

Very Dangerous !!

All being well we should get up to Telluride for a day this week to try the new ski equipment and overall we
might have our best season for many years if we make a bit more effort to get up there. Saturday its the
Pool Competition Final where we are both qualified from the heats and then come Sunday time to take the
decorations down for another year.

Monday doesn’t get off to a fantastic start as my plans get thwarted when the GM dealer rings me with
bad news on the Cadi. What I thought was going to be about $300 has now slipped up the graph to $800
as on top of the standard service it now needs new plugs, plug wires and an inlet gasket which involves a
fair bit of labor…. hopefully it will be ready for this tomorrow afternoon.

On the good news side, 5 of the 7 items I put on ebay are selling at the moment and are due to finish in
3 hours.  Having looked at the number of ski items for sale I’m amazed that anybody has the patience to
search through 453,000 “things”. 6 of the 7 sold with 4 mini price wars whipping the prices up to a very
pleasant $486. 4 sets of gloves are on for purchase but no bids as yet…… very strange as 3 pairs are
NEW and top of the range items.

New Year’s Eve and its party time and the day rolls along with just about everything slotting into place
and on time. The evening comes, party goers arrive, drinks are poured and the noise increases. All too
soon they are singing! …… the clock ticks over and we join the other 3/4 of the world already in 2014.

Afternoon prep on the party bar

They start arriving

Noise increasing

Resolutions ? Well a lot more practice on the bikes this year. Hopefully much more skiing….. Must get
that raised vegetable bed sorted that I promise myself every year. Right now the need is to get the
MWVTA schedule up and pin down some Trialsmasters. I noticed the Ahrma schedule is up but seems
to now be concentrated in CA ?……. or a few on the East Coast.

So after a wonderful Christmas break time to look forward to all the New Year has to offer.


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