For those not familiar with Earthly Coordinates we are on a parallel just above the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea at Gibraltar

510.47 miles to complete the 1 lap circumnavigation of the Earth at Parallel 37.65N. Assuming no increase in the misery of cancer I should complete this reduced task by early November if the body will still comply with the owner’s requests.

Lovely thoughts

A pleasant visit from the Hospice Counsellor who lives just up the road from me, when I had finished my discourse on my thoughts of Oncology she told me that she hears the same saga and anger from many other cancer patients who have been thrown out in the trash just like me.

Here we go again!

Odd sort of day weather wise with high winds and gusts above 30 mph and then rain and thunderstorms to follow. With all the recent rain plus full irrigation on the hanging baskets one pulled its hanger off the balcony so I must redo that, but without the wind!

It fell in the Whisky Barrel and no damage
Very lucky!

Also as the driveway has been a source of major puddles for the last week causing a lot of settling on one irrigation trench and the pipe has come back to the surface. Try a little deeper this time!

Bit chilly outside to start work so I’ll wait a couple of hours and then get on it. Meanwhile the dogs are still complaining, the owls find it all a bit amusing and the cats just do what cats do.

Not happy!
Always a way
Happy again
Don’t think this will work out too well

More of what we all need

Very, very trueI
If only

Time to move onto those other animals who we work tirelessly for and in return they tolerate us!

and then we can play, “I wanna go out, I wanna come in”
Then I’ll go out to start the game

Hide and Seek time!
It’s one of my tricks I learnt while working for the circus
You crack me up!


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