Time to go and see Sir Cumference again about the flat battery issue again but he was out doing some Fall harvesting of numbers to solve all the riddles of circles and globes, and with his next project PY, hoping to dismiss the flat earth society.

Seems the Jaguar needs to be driven more often or I’ll be recharging it on a very regular basis. 3.1416 I’m told. Sound advice and I’m finally checking the GFCI and of course that had tripped and now all is well! Time to put on the nice shining armor and ride back to my own castle

Now what else did Mummy say ?
As I understand it, I get to see her soon, but there was something else?

Honest Mum, it’s RUST from the armor!!!
The 4th Road Bridge in Fall with the Street lights still on

One can only assume its not as profitable

Just finished a 2 hour session with my Chaplain Ian and at least it was good to be able to talk with someone and point me in the right direction with my next phase of spiritual learning. He even let me borrow his Bible.

Yesterday was the first snowstorm of the season, YUK! and a small test fire was laid and enjoyed

A few knock on effects from the storm on the sleep front
and of course “midnight” the black cat was having problems with the gate
Always at the ready, best remember to tell Noah
Never had that problem on the Safari. Happy Days


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