Your mission Jim, is to insert this into a Cadillac

Its Daytime Running Light change day again on the Cadillac. My how I remember how easy this task used to be in my youth, up with the hood or bonnet and reach in and remove the bulb, replace with new one, check, job done. Well not so with a Caddi as this involves dismantling the front of the car to get at the headlight! Harder on the driver’s side as I have the windscreen washer reservoir to contend with. I dread to think what GMC charge for the labor on this task?

Nearly time to start and get task 1 out of the way, then change the Y fitting on the water lines at the Dump Station that some heavy handed person managed to break! Also need to replace the Dump and Shower signs as some people have difficulty in READING!

Off we go into headlight changing for beginners and after opening the hood or bonnet time to locate where this running light goes

The running light is the top one and is under the rubber cover

Next step remove the radiator cowl and all the plastic grommets that hold it in place

Cowl removed

Now time for a couple of nuts and bolts that hold the grille and the bodywork together

Bodywork bolt removed now the grille

Now remove the two barn door bolts that hold the headlight assembly in place.

With these bolts removed the headlight can be “wiggled and jiggled” until it pulls forward

The top one you say?

Now we can get to that bulb! Lets see how it looks

Good thing we bought one, I think this is “toast”

With the new bulb in place go through the reverse of everything you did and then get your faithful assistant to start her up and put it in DRIVE. No running lights until you are in gear! This time, thanks to many years of experience it is all wrapped up in around 40 minutes.

Job done

Now for the Y piece on the hose, and on goes “el cheapo” in yellow plastic. It leaks everywhere so replace ALL the washers and no more leaks!

Finish the dump station off with a NEW sign

Time to replace the roadside signs which take real hammering from the snow plows during the winter months. See what can still be used and this time round only one new mounting bracket required.

Four new signs
Let’s hope “they ” can read!

Don’t think “the old Guard” are too impressed with the All Electric quiet Harley!!!

And yet more stupidity as we discover a whole load of locals who still haven’t been vaccinated. All the political bullshit to one side when are they EVER going to Learn????


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