So the blog refuses to let me in ? and punches up over 300 new user registrations a day on my email which I don’t need, or wish to see. It appears this is all malicious spyware but we get that sort of resolved but I can’t get through to family or friends. The struggle continues.

See if I can find my way back to the Gates

Almost there, strange nobody on duty? Oh well, try round the back
Big queue here!
Bloody Internet!! Just like all the trouble mine is giving me!!

The NEW morphine pain pills actually work, just wish they could find me a sleep pill that works as well. Other household and estate issues get dealt with and Safari is now re-winterized despite my running eyes and other frustrations. Next, and maybe last Jaguar problem is the Battery which won’t hold a charge for longer than a week, always something!

This could take some time!

No matter training continues for humans and animals alike and Midnight the black cat is left with Peter after I promised to resolve my password issues.

Continuing with cats, I had better get the Camelot outfit on again as the cat needs medication

Or sweetness and light can turn into this!

Dog training also continues as you can see

A lot of work!
Roll on !


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