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 Now here’s confidence as I bash the keyboard one more time with tales of “daring do” in the
hope that just maybe, today will be the day when the Oilfield will burst into action. If it doesn’t fire
today then I’m lost and will have to strip the thing down and check for rings, valves and holes in
pistons as I’m fresh out of clues on this one!

What gets me was that IT WAS running and then stopped (on my command)……. since then we
have discovered the Magneto was bad, we have changed the decompressor just in case it wasn’t
sealing and that’s it. So why, oh why won’t this thing start? I have sparks, I have fuel but I don’t
have any ideas! A new plug is about all I can do at this stage and then I might have to bring in
the experts! I am  feeling very humble at this stage.

The 4.5 metric allen key for the timing chest

Again it’s gone 4 by the time I get to the workshop and have freedom to attack the beast. Can’t
help but notice that the fins look a little wet?…..could the head gasket be blowing? well that
would account for the soft compression. Enlist the help of “Sparky” my faithful assistant to check
for “blow”. She suggests some soapy water and a spray and I douse the Oilfield in same…….. and
LO, it blows Me Lord! Even with the freeplay on the decompressor the spring is just off center and
leaking. Now of course having rectified that the force on my thumb, stuck in the plughole, like the
little dutch boy and the dyke story, is HUGE.

BOOM! Now that’s a SPARK

EUREKA! thanks Sparky I think I can take her from here. Change the petcock, but again the
routing is not good but it will suffice for this operation and out we go, confident, but still with
fingers crossed. Choke on, find the stroke and SWING. Very nearly, try again, try with the choke

Yes, I’m afraid he HAS gone completely mad!

Well at least it runs so now just a few cosmetics and re-routing tasks for the fuel line and back
to the 90 degree fuel cock and I think I can wrap it up.

That will put me back to where I was in the first week of Februay this year when I was about to
get Brenda to take some action shots for the article “Testing the Oilfield”, perhaps I should call
the next one “Testing my Patience”.

One Day ON! Today the decision is to take it to Cotopaxi and do some testing. The new changes
go well and I take her out. Fuel on, find the stroke, choke on….. first kick and it starts! Now all I
need are some carb adjustments and it may well be a winner once more. The balance and turning
are good, brakes work, it will wheelie if it is given some advance notice. Not sure where I need to
be with the main jet on this Mikuni. The Majesty 320 motor uses a 290 and so far I’m at 190 but it
seems to be suffering from starvation/or over fuelling in the upper zone…. must consult the Carb

It stops

It balances and turns

Wheelies on demand

I think it was worth it

……. and so it will go to a trials venue, and it will go through some testing on the Sat sections
after the trial is over, that should be a fair test and we will be able to judge the results.

Maybe some “training wheels” as it’s so heavy

Tony Down

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