They got the forecast right!

Dismal weather forecast for the week with a 60% chance of rain every day and temps down about 10 degrees. Could be difficult watching TV as these ineffective pain pills do not let me sit down for any length of time.

1600 and the rain and thunderstorms finally arrived so now its wet and even more miserable. Dogs are saying no thanks to walking invitations.

Love it!

Yesterday’s deluge and thunderstorms did not turn up until 0600 this morning and then they made up for it with a bang and a short burst of torrential rain.

Hospice visit, more pills, and the once over check up, so I should make it through the night. Good change to the pills by upping the sleep pills to 3. First 2 lasted until 0230 and then take 1 more which saw me through to 0600 for a reasonable night’s sleep. Pain pills now doubled up, 2 every 6 hours.

Chances of surviving ZERO! The name for this team must be Obesity and maybe swimsuits don’t come in their sizes as nobody brought one with them!!!

Just been watching “Survivor”, which I used to enjoy, but this collection of contestants is the dumbest bunch of fuckers ever assembled for a game show and almost rivals children’s TV awful “Big Brother”

2 weeks in and we have a few bamboo poles, but they are bored with that already

Totally incapable of doing anything! No survival skills whatsoever, overweight and unfit, and here we are two episodes in and not one of the three tribes has built a shelter yet.

No, that is NOT a swimsuit and your chances of balancing are remote!
If you want to get ashore no amount of paddling will get you there if you have not unclipped your boat from it’s mooring!!!!!

They can’t make fire, have NO IDEA how to use a machete, and either just flop about or spend their entire time searching for idols. Not even good tv!

A couple of rain free days on the horizon but then another 3 day sequence of showers and thunderstorms. Today just might be a cycling day? A few miles go in the book in coolish conditions with that bitter wind again. Skies are getting darker and it eventually can’t resist a few showers to close out the week. Meanwhile more dog discussions over who owns what


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