Makes the Trump edifice look like a bit of a joke!

With 4800 in the bag its got to be onward and upward again! The Beemer battery is coming, listings on Craig’s List and E-Bay will be done today!    Maybe  even a little ride to start the mountain climb!

Temps already up to 56F from 21F, wind might be hard as its a headwind from the East!

While I wait to see what sells a lot of my choices have been suddenly sold which gives me a chance to review my upcoming wishes. Other cars are coming into perspective which had not been previously even considered. Do I want a high speed car?  In this day and age I’m thinking I just want something that gives me pleasure, and is a joy to drive and own.



Set off a bit late, not good when you get past 4 p.m. going westbound into a setting low sun! However the target I set of 20 miles was just achieved so the big total is now 4820.94 as the climb to 5000 is on its way. In these cold conditions I think 20 miles is about tops until the temps come back up……. bloody cold I tell You!

Managed to get all my initial run of 8 items on ebay and even had an offer on the Browning hunting suit, and now lots of idiot questions, but no scams today!

Saturday and 0900 and still only 37F but with a nasty 10 mph wind! The wind is building and now, a WEATHER ALERT for amazingly, strong winds, up 50 mph gusts, and the temp has stagnated at 41F !

First item on ebay looks like it sold, he paid me anyway and I have it all boxed up just waiting for a reply about a couple of tears in the pants.

The roving eye is settling on the 2008 XJ Vanden Plas which I have always viewed as an old couples car, but after further consideration I have to say I rather like it  ………… must be the aggressive styled grille and a “more” sporty look ….. opinions ?




and they have what we used to call “legroom” in the back, with burr woodwork on the “granny tables” in the seat backs. Have to say I’m impressed and not often I say that about a car


My inspiration for this cold and miserable day came from Henry Ford and I quote:


and how right he is! 3 basket day today and too bloody cold and windy to ride!

Sunday and a very cold start in the teens F but now 0900 and warming up a bit at 47F so, just maybe a ride later. Getting warmer as we come to 1000 at 55F and still no wind?   All of yesterday’s skiing photo shoot all transferred to the blog library and ready for listing on my old favorites. I believe there is also a haircut coming soon which will do a lot for my shadow companion as I ride the highways and byways.

About 20 a day is all I can expect on these cold and windy days!

Ok, so nothing happened going up mileage ladder but I did list all the items on their sales outlets and the next round will be cycling clothes that are now WAY TOO BIG for me as I cruise along at a ridiculously low weight of 165 lbs !!!!

DO NOT exceed 25 miles a day in these conditions!!!

Monday morning, in the low 20’s but now 0930 and it is saying 60f ? and no wind? Well must drop off the hunting suit at the Post Office then maybe try for 20 before changing the electric meter on slot 1.

Hunting suit cost an arm and a leg to post, thanks to De Joy you arsehole! The meter on 12 was wired by another clown! Better check with a proper electrician before going any further. Weather played ball and I had an enjoyable run for mid November knocking up 24.47 (didn’t fall off the cliff!)

Chemo week again, so blood work tomorrow and full chemo on  Wednesday after a discussion re pills and treatments.

Seems to be warming up, might get a quickie in before the bloodwork, then finish that meter project and a few more miles to finish, morning went well, just over 14 in a strong easterly, blood all done now time for the other miles then a look at the wiring in the pedestal. Topped out at 31.57 which gives 4876.98 so an easy few to get in the “Forty Niners”


Almost on the “49’niners” trail

The more you look the more the more you find, the Trump theory on the Coronavirus! Seems to be true on the Vanden Plas model as wel




Chemo round 4 of the second dosage done, now better chop some firewood ready for the evening. No more Trumpty Dumpty pills for me or the follow up ones to combat nausea and sleeplessness. Of course in his case being up all night tweeting garbage around the globe with other hoaxes and election fraud nonsense makes no difference to tiredness. About time he showed a little moral fiber and conceded.

Thursday and the new sleep pill was very slow taking effect or perhaps the chemo poison was too strong for it. So far no nausea to report so should be able to knock those 23 miles on the nose and get over into the 49’s

Bit windy but temps getting up there! Not so rosey next week with daily temps only getting up around mid 40’s ! Looks like I’ll be logging next week.

Oops! over the top today!

Quantinewhile the intrepid cyclist donned the garb and was on his way collecting 26.10 for the mission and the first rung on the Forty Niners ladder at 4903.08 so I feel I can make the last 97 before winter shuts me down!


2 thoughts on “ONWARD AND UPWARD AGAIN!”

  1. But onward, and upwards, and then downwards and then upwards again we went.  A flat surface was not to be found.  7 miles later, I was exhausted and in need of a House Drink now that was a reward.  Wanna check out our journey?  Click Here .

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