Some sleep, but still tired. Lawn needs mowing and the car needs a once over today before it goes in tomorrow to have the sun damage on the roof resprayed. Way down on energy and short of air so don’t feel much like doing anything.

A lot of sun damage

Nothing gets done as I muddle my way through the day with two NFL games and the Italian F1.

Max Verstappen lands on top of Lewis Hamilton In F1

No incentive to do any more gardening and not feeling like riding the bike either, if I could only get some meaningful sleep.

Another Yam brake plate sells on ebay so I’ll be polishing that when I get back from dropping off the car.

I want to continue with another load of firewood to stay on top of that task as I get weaker I might not be able to get many more. A couple of items need listing on ebay as well so I have plenty to do when I feel up to it. Also need to check in with Hospice to see when they will start visiting and apart from the “doses of morphine” what else they provide to speed up the journey.

Six loads now home and stacked so the “Great Wall of Dolores” is complete once more, and as they say up here a person’s Net Worth is judged by the size of their woodpile!

6 Loads and the “Great Wall” is rebuilt

Gave the sleeping pills another try last night but once again after a 3 hour period I’m wide awake and that’s it for the night. Can they not make something that works? Everything seems to come with dire consequences and side effects!

Load 7 home and stacked

The quest for firewood continues and a slow and difficult Load 7 makes it home and is stacked in front of house. Can’t do much else today as I’m so desperately tired. Still no riding but I can only do so much.

More new books arrived and I was straight into one of them as I was just way too tired to even think of other things to do. Last night tried going to sleep normally but that didn’t work so in desperation took the pills again and actually managed around 7 hours and I’m feeling somewhat better this morning as a result.

Got to keep trying!

After my 2 week layoff from riding might just get out there today as the firewood task was taking too long yesterday as they were not cutting anything so it was a search and carry day to get the nicer pieces that I like rather than ratty bits and off cuts which are everywhere.

Keep going old man!

The revised quest for miles has come down to one lap of parallel 37.65N which is 19,260.00 and I’m currently at 18,635.03 so only 626.97 to hit the reduced target. Or for my simple mind around 3000 miles for this year which is realistic and should happen before the end of October all being well.


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