…… And so it begins tonight with a constant stream of rudeness and lies and as far as I can see NOT ONE 2016 manifesto/platform promise even  close to being fulfilled.

Well ?    pick one

While we forget about the Post Office shambles, and the Loon’s ridiculous unfounded predictions, we can also forget about the Covid 19 Pandemic, as after all that’s just a Hoax, and if that’s the case then clearly there is no need for Stimulus Checks, or any help for the unemployed, as there are all these NEW jobs which he was waffling on about this morning as the Stock Market soars once again! WHERE DOES HE GET THIS CRAP FROM?????  …… and the next MEGA, indeed MAGA disaster, of school openings hits home in the next few weeks

Meanwhile, and just in time when he gets back from his whirlwind campaign nonsense it will be “SHARPIE” time again as we have a Double Whammie in the Gulf and he will no doubt include the Great State of Alabama in his modified prediction tract!

……. and here they are

Easy to see now, with 24 hours hindsight, that  our Worldly Acclaimed Doctor Extrordinaire pressured  the head of the FDA (who he had recently appointed) but then made his “own” bullshit predictions about the safety and availability of the new plasma treatment which subsequently was conveniently leaked to the Stock Market. I honestly do not believe he knows the difference between a vaccine and a cure ? With Wall Street waiting for any glimmer this pushes the numbers up and hints of a booming economy for all those holding big pharma shares ….. must be jobs too!

I’m afraid I DO NOT TRUST this Oaf with anything and I don’t believe any of the nonsense that dribbles down his chin. I am a little surprised, perhaps I shouldn’t be, that the ENTIRE Trump family gets a speaking part at this convention, or whatever you want to call it? Not one of them has any political knowledge or experience other than what WE have given them while they have been enjoying 3.5 years as contestants on “political apprentice” at our expense  ….. it will be with great delight when this is all over to be able to say 

“TRUMP family you’re FIRED!”

Of course there are other speakers, some paid, others just loving the sound of their own voice with nothing to say other than lies and political rudeness which is the norm.

Well so far absolutely nothing!

Meanwhile USPS still under the hammer, pandemic/ schools/ stimulus checks …… forget it !   But more screaming about Goodyear  …….

 Is USPS right for you ?

Night 2 and even more fun!

Glad she doesn’t live anywhere near me !

Also from dreamworld, and we are told (paid)

Seems like poor editing again!

…. and there was little old me believing the news that 40 million were unemployed  ……. how can they seriously spew this crap out ?

…….. and this one really makes me chuckle

Pray tell me learned firearm expert is this a custom left handed model ?     …… if not, you are in for an almighty surprise when you squeeze the trigger!!!!!

….. and here is something else that didn’t happen ….. but they had it ready if it ever does

……. but they acted just in time with this one

…… not quite quick enough with this one

Never mind

There goes the “Vet” vote

……..and from his sister  (not invited to speak of course)

Pretty solid endorsement here

Like Stephen Colbert I was unable to watch the constant stream of abuse and lies and switched off Nights 3 & 4 in favor of entertainment!

I was reminded by Mask Dispence of the fantastic leadership by Trumpty Dumpski in setting up the Space Force ! Nobody has yet said what this fine body of men will be doing or what threat they face that demands a “Super Duper Missile”   ????

That went down well

…….. and to finish with Night 4 of Zero!

…… and tonight

……. and when asked the question ?

I can’t wait to watch this!

How very, very true

We live in hope ……. meanwhile











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