Just as I predicted !

I thought it would be a “go slow” while the new leader found his feet and assessed the situation, but No, no, no! Clearly if you can give Trumpski Dumpski several millions for his campaign then you don’t really need a job, do you? So what are you there for ?  You have no experience in this or ANY similar operation so you can only be there to disrupt, slow down, or destroy the Organization that is NOT a profit making unity! You Sir are a fraud and to my mind are CRIMINALLY responsible for your ridiculous actions which are NOT, and I repeat NOT, going to improve the service, or be in any way, shape, or form, a cost cutting measure. YOU SIR, ARE ANOTHER LIAR, LIKE THE MAN WHO APPOINTED YOU.


These locks and block plates were not made in a hurry, so this mission has been ongoing for some time

It almost says it all, but  ….. here is the real thing >>>>>

…. and could it just be that those mystery “police” have now taken on a second job with unmarked trucks ? Mercenaries WILL do anything as long as they are paid!

……. well, in other news, what has the “cretin in chief” done this week?

Well he has of course been rude to all and sundry, Kamala  Harris is still phony, the work on the Post Office had to be done, …… and if the house passes it I’ll VETO IT! so there!

The child was further outraged when Goodyear Tires announced no more MAGA hats and Trump slogans ….. stomped off tweeting how bad Goodyear tires were ….and everybody should buy better and cheaper tires……. and is having them taken off his security limo! what a child!

With raging wildfires in CA, and the Governor trying to declare a state of emergency, Dumbshit has the audacity to say he warned them to sweep the forest floors ?????? and they will have to pay for HIS help ?

He is still going on and on about how long it will take to get the votes counted, maybe weeks, maybe months, maybe never and of course THIS IS ALL PART OF THE SCRIPT THAT THE PUPPET MASTERS WROTE AND THAT WILL THEN BECOME REBELLION and once more we will see BLACKWATER BACK ON THE STREETS AND MARTIAL LAW DECLARED  …… and for what ?

As a final part of the week’s a surprise entry with more on the Wall but first let’s think about the important issues, The Pandemic ? No, don’t want to see the numbers etc, etc

I guess it vanished ?

Guess not

How about the Stimulus Package ? Won’t agree on that unless I can close the Post Office

Schools ? It is what it is !

Would you send your child into this semi prison environment ?

……and finally the show stopper of the week

Here’s trouble

There seems to be a problem with the wall, the foundations…. no not the donations, I’ve spent them


Foundations support walls ……. not donations

Before you go Mr Trump I have a couple of bills








One thought on “THE “JOY OF JOY” POST OFFICE ?”

  1. Oh Tony,
    You were doing so well with posting pics of you trials riding and boozing it up and they were so much fun to view but then you reverted back to the icky old politics thing that no one is paying attention to.
    More pics of you in your biking shorts, I swear there is a part of your body that could have a career!

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