Need to get King Arthur to pull the Sword out of my tumor!

In the light of all things Cycling & Cancer I have made precious little progress in my “World Tour” of Parallel 37.65N this month. This prompted a visit to King Arthur’s place over at Camelot where I found him at a square table searching on his computer.

According to some online casino reviews, during the lockdown the online games increased because of the high amount of people playing at their homes.

I think Arthur must have an Oncology upbringing as he was unable to do anything for me even though his speciality is getting swords out of things.

German knives in a King’s Block

He did kindly point me in the direction of Sir Cumference who of course built the Round Table and gave me the formula for my distance around 37.65N

Thanks to Sir Cumference and Merlin of course

The distance as calculated was19,262.00 and so far, including today, I have pushed those pedals to 18,720.44 and I must confess to feeling tired!

Saturday and the weather is fooling with me, too hot, too cold and that wind never lets up! Finally take a short ride to see if I’m still up to it. Better see what’s happening in the Canine department.

First up is a Dalmation? or rather I think he is, well if he wasn’t he is now. Other dogs are having none of this Covid nonsense and are using sanitizer again for the Delta variant.

Some are not too keen on these new car air fresheners either!

Amid all the pandemic crisis others are thinking about changing careers

Just had one little bit of gardening to do on the waterfall bed before settling down to watch the UCI World Cycling followed by the Russian F1 GP and then 3-4 games of football.

Just needed a change in the “flow pattern” and some extra lights

Fixed it !


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